Homestay and accommodation options


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​There are many different places to stay while you live and study in Queensland. The accommodation o​ptions will depend on things like your age and whether you have a​ family living in Queensland. ​

​​The table below summarises the options for different age groups.​​

Accommodation type
Primary school (Prep and Years 1 to 6)Junior secondary school (Years 7 to 10)Senior secondary school (Years 11 and 12)
Parent-nominated carer
Immigration-approved relativeYesYes


Our most popular accommodation option for high school students is staying with a local Queensland family from your school. We call this a homestay—it means you stay in someone’s home.

Staying with a local family is a great way to enjoy the fun Australian way of living. It is also a great way to practise English every day. In addition to living with a caring family, you will also get to explore the neighbourhood and make new friends.

Your Homestay family could be big or small. It might be just one person or a large family with other children. Every homestay family will take good care of you. You will live in a safe home with meals and your own bedroom provided.

We will try our best to match you with the right family for you—people that like the same things you do. Imagine if you always wanted to go surfing and you got to stay with a family who surfed before school every day!

What is on offer at a homestay?

Our families will care for you in a safe and friendly home. They will give you 3 meals a day and your own bedroom to sleep and study in, and help you travel to school or other activities.

Someone from your school will meet you at the airport when you arrive in Queensland. They will drive you to your homestay family’s house for free.

Hear what students say about staying with a homestay family in Queensland

Photo of Nhi  

'I would like to express my gratitude to the family who have treated me like one of their own – they have been beside me, supported me, brought me great joy during my stay. I am honestly, truly, deeply thankful'.

Nhi from Vietnam – Mountain Creek State High School

Photo of Junjie  

'About my homestay experience… I think they are good. I'm lucky I've got a homestay (that likes) sport; it's much better than a homestay just watching TV!'

Junjie from China – North Lakes State College / Mitchelton State High School

Photo of Nicole  

'Living with the homestay family has been one of my fondest experiences, not just in the aspect of living and studying, but also in the aspect of cultural immersion. This experience not only enables me to understand and navigate Australian culture as an international student, but also as a part of a family.

I am still in contact with them now. From time to time we email each other. I am very lucky that I chose Queensland as the start of my journey, and I believe that my high school life in Brisbane will always be a special and unforgettable memory that stays in my heart forever.'

Nicole from China – Indooroopilly State High School / Undergraduate student at the University of Sydney

Quality and monitoring

The most important thing is that every homestay family is safe and caring. Every Homestay family is carefully chosen. We check their identity and we do a criminal history check. We will also check on you and your homestay family regularly to ensure everything is going well.

Ongoing support

Our schools manage the homestay program. They make sure every family and home meets the Australian Government Schools International Homestay standards.

If you want to stay with a Homestay family, your school will find you a family that is right for you, based on the things you write in your application. The school’s Homestay Coordinator or International Coordinator will help you if you have any problems settling in with your homestay family.

When you arrive at school, you will be given a list of people you can contact if you have an emergency or if you need any help. You can call for help at any time of day or night and speak to someone in your own language.

You can also use our student support app and student support hotline phone number. Read more about our student support and student support team here.

Homestay costs

When to pay
Homestay placement fee
$460 (including GST)
When you apply for homestay
Homestay fees
$339 per week
With your study fees or 4 weeks before you start homestay
Homestay holding fee
$58 per week
2 weeks before leaving the homestay

It is important that you visit our fees page to learn about the other fees you must pay when you study in a Queensland Government school.

Live with a parent or close relative

International students enrolled in primary school must stay with a parent or Department of Home Affairs (DHA) approved relative. If you are a high school student you may choose to live with a parent or a relative who lives in Queensland.

If you stay with your parent or relative, they must give you somewhere safe to live and they must take care of during your stay.

The relative must be approved by the Australian Department of Home Affairs. They must be:

  • over the age of 21
  • be a close relative (for example, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandparent).



Phone (within Australia): 1800 316 540

Phone (outside Australia): +61 7 3513 5301

Last updated 20 February 2024