Support teams


​​​​​​​​​​We offer support services to help you get used to your new school, accommodation and location.

Choosing your program​​

Our International Student Program team supports agents, families and students applying to join our programs. We help you to understand the subjects that interest you and the schools that suit you. We also answer questions about different areas of Queensland, to make sure your Queensland experience is all you want it to be!

Planning your trip​​

Before you leave home, we give you information about your school, Queensland and what to expect. We also give you access to a free mobile phone student support app. You can use the app before you leave your home and throughout your stay in Australia.

Arrival and accommodation​​​

When you first arrive in Queensland, your host school will arrange for someone to meet you at the airport. This is a service for international students staying in homestay and arriving in Queensland for the first time.

You have several accommodation options depending on your age and level of schooling. One of these is homestay, which means living with a local Queensland family. This is a great way to experience family life in a safe and caring place.

In-school support

Happy, positive, strong and able students are more interested in learning, are good class members and more active in their school and community. We provide quality care for you from the moment you arrive in Queensland. 

Your school will give you ongoing support so that you can concentrate on studying and enjoying life:

  • Every school has an international student coordinator who is the contact for all your enquiries. 
  • Your school homestay coordinator will organise your homestay and make sure it is enjoyable. 
  • The guidance officer at your school is a trained counsellor who can assist you with personal issues and advice on school studies and future tertiary options. 
  • School staff assist with extracurricular activities, health and personal concerns. 
  • You will receive English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EAL/D) support from qualified and experienced teachers. They will help you develop your English writing, listening, speaking and reading skills so you can get involved in all classroom activities and a​chieve great learning results.​

24-hour care​

We have emergency contact staff to support you (in your home country and Australia) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on our dedicated student support hotline​1800 QSTUDY (1800 778 839).

To call the service from overseas, you must dial +61 1800 778 839.

You can call 1800 QSTUDY before 9am and after 3pm on school days, and 24 hours during weekends, public holidays and school vacations

Last updated 26 October 2023