Information before you apply


​​​​​​Prior to accepting your enrolment in an Education Queensland International (EQI) International Student Programs (ISP) course, it is important that you read and understand:

  1. the requirements for your acceptance into a course, including the minimum level of English language proficiency, educational qualifications and course credit, if applicable

  2. ​the EQI’s Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) course codes, course content and modes of study:

  3. course durations are outlined in the ISP ​entry and course requirement standards (PDF, 630KB)

  4. school terms and school holiday dates are set by the Department of Education for all Queensland Government schools as outlined in the school calendar
  5. course qualifications and award of other outcomes are available under your study options

  6. campus locations and facilities, equipment, and learning resources available to students can be accessed using the 'find a school' search tool

  7. details of any arrangements with another registered provider, person or business who will provide the course or part of the course are outlines on school websites and can be accessed using the 'find a sc​hool'​ search tool on the EQI website as per the ISP EQI guidelines for delivering Vocational Education and Training to overseas students (PDF, 376KB)

  8. indicative tuition and non-tuition fees including advice on the potential for changes to fees over the duration of a course

  9. EQI's cancellation​ and refund policies are available in the International Student Program – subclass 500 (schools) policy and the standard terms and conditions. The process for implementing these policies are outlined in:

  10. information about the grounds on which you can defer your enrolment is outlined in the enrolment – subclass 500 (schools) visa procedure

  11. information about the grounds on which you can suspend your enrolment is outlined in the suspension of enrolment – subclass 500 (schools) visa procedure

  12. the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act) and supporting framework supports the protection of overseas students and these rights, responsibilities and important contact details are outlined in this ESOS student factsheet

  13. the policies and procedures EQI has in place for approving the accommodation​, support and general welfare arrangements for younger overseas students are availableunder international student support services and the change of welfare – subclass 500 (schools) visa procedure on the department's Policy and Procedure Register

  14. the indicative costs of studying and living in Queensland are outlined in the table below. Accommodations options include:

Sample costs of studying and living in Queensland

Example 1: junior high school (study abroad)​

​​2022 cost ​
estimate AUD$
2023 cost
estimate AUD$
​Junior high school study abroad
1 semester (24 weeks) tuition fee
​Homestay x 24 weeks (including placement fee)​​$7,958
​6 months of OSHC​​$283
​Public transport x 24 weeks ​$960​$960
​Additional spending money @ AU$80 per week​$1,920​$1,920
TOTAL $19,562 ​$19,961

Example 2: senior high school

Item ​​2022 cost
estimate AUD$
2023 cost
estimate AUD$
​Senior high school 2 semesters (46 weeks) tuition fee
​Homestay x 46 weeks (including placement fee) $14,998
​12 months of OSHC​$565
​Public transport x 48 weeks​$1,920$1,920
​Additional spending money @ AU$80 per week​​$3,840​$3,840
TOTAL​​​$39,209 ​$40,012


  • Costs are indicative estimates only and may vary depending on each student's individual circumstances.
  • Uniform costs will vary from school to school.
  • The approximate uniform cost above assumes 1 sports uniform, 1 winter and 1 summer uniform.​​​
Last updated 06 May 2022