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We offer programs for students living outside Australia who want to study the Queensland curriculum and later attend the best universities in Australia and around the world.

These programs are internationally recognised and are offered by us and the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) through Queensland Government recognised schools.

Queensland Government recognised schools

A Queensland Government recognised school delivers Queensland's Year 11 and 12 lessons and assessments, including Year 12 certification. This means eligible students get a Senior Education Profile, which could include a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and a Statement of Results (ATAR result).

The Queensland Certificate of Education qualifies students for entry into English-speaking universities in Australia and elsewhere.

Queensland Government recognised schools include:

Australian International School, Sharjah

Location: Sharjah, United Arab of Emirates

The Australian International School (AIS) Sharjah is in the United Arab Emirates. It was formed through an arrangement between the Al Sharif Investment Trading Group and the Queensland Government in 2005. In 2011, it became the first international school to be Queensland-recognised.

The school is for locals and expatriates. It is located in the Sharjah University City Complex, close to the Dubai border and a short distance to the Knowledge Village—a group of international and local tertiary education providers.

Known for its high standards in education, AIS Sharjah was given the 'Excellence in Internationalising the School Curriculum' Award at the 2017 Department of Education International Conference. The school develops global citizens, and one student was awarded a 'Global Student Leadership Award' at the 2018 DEi Conference.

Find out more about Australian International School in Sharjah.

Hangzhou Dongfang High School

Location: People's Republic of China

Hangzhou Dongfang High School was set up in 1994 as an affiliate to the Middle School of Zhejiang University. It is a private school with full boarding facilities, well-equipped classrooms, laboratories and sports facilities.

The school is located in the great West Lake District in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, and became a Queensland-recognised school in 2012. The school was given the 'Excellence of a School in Internationalising the School Curriculum' Award at the 2018 Department of Education International Conference.

Lihir International School

Location: Papua New Guinea

Lihir International School is a Kindergarten to Year 10 Queensland licensed school on Lihir Island in the New Ireland Province of Papua New Guinea (PNG). It has approximately 120 students. About 80% are Papua New Guinean, 15% are Australian, and a small number are from other countries.

The school's agreement with us and their registration with the PNG Department of Education means students study blended lessons and assessments based on the Australian Curriculum.

The school has a strong partnership with its community and is the focus of many well-supported community events.

Staff at Lihir International School have high expectations of students and challenge them to be successful, enquiring learners while acknowledging individual differences and learning needs.

Find out more about Lihir International School in PNG.

Nauru Secondary School

Location: Republic of Nauru

In 2013, we entered into an agreement with the Department of Education, Republic of Nauru, and the Nauru Secondary School was given the status of Queensland-recognised school. It is a sustainable and effective learning organisation that aims to improve learning outcomes for all Nauruan students.

Qingdao Guokai Middle School

Location: People's Republic of China

Qingdao Guokai Middle School, China, affiliated with Guokai Education Group, was set up in 1995. It is a full-time regular senior high school and became a Queensland-recognised school in 2016. The school accepts students into the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) program.

Find out more about Qingdao Guokai Middle School in People's Republic of China.

New Taipei Yuteh Private School

Location: Taiwan

New Taipei Yuteh Private School is a bilingual school in the Tucheng District, New Taipei City. Set up in 2001, it includes a nursery and kindergarten, junior and senior school. It became a Queensland-recognised school in 2018.

At the school, students learn in a multicultural setting. They develop a broad view of the world, while keeping their cultural pride and identity by going to different international exchange and immersion programs.

Find out more about New Taipei Yuteh Private School.

Wuxi Foreign Language School

Location: People's Republic of China

Located at the foot of Mount Xihui on the beautiful coast of Lake Taihu, Wuxi Foreign Language School was founded in 1998. The school is known for its dynamic collaboration with prestigious overseas educational institutions, adopting superior bilingual programs and establishing itself as a distinguished language-focused educational facility.

Surrounded by natural beauty, the school serves more than 7,000 students from kindergarten through Year 12, offering them an enriching and enjoyable educational atmosphere that promotes their overall well-being. With a devoted team of over 600 staff members, including both Chinese and international educators, Wuxi Foreign Language School is dedicated to delivering meticulous education and support, aiming to enhance the individual growth of each student.

Find out more about Wuxi Foreign Language School.

Tianmen Huatai Middle School

Location: People's Republic of China

Founded in autumn 2005 in Hubei Province, Tianmen Hangzhou Huatai Middle School is a distinguished private school, providing a comprehensive educational experience from kindergarten through Year 12. The school adopts a student-centric educational ethos, emphasizing the consistent growth and evolution of its students. Its core mission is to 'Support student development, meet parental expectations, and contribute positively to societal progress.'

Tianmen Huatai Middle School is distinguished within Hubei Province for its educational prowess, known as a leading private education brand and an exemplary private education entity. It has been honoured with the 'Hubei Province Civilized Campus' accolade for 3 successive years. A noteworthy highlight in December 2023 was its designation as a Queensland Recognised School, further cementing its status in the field of education.

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