Brisbane South State Secondary College

Three reasons to choose us

  1. ​​We are setting the new standard for education, helping students to realise their desired future and inspire positive change.
  2. The ​​world-class learning environment reshapes the traditional classroom setting to encourage independent thought.
  3. Our unique curriculum is supported by the best and most respected research facilities and institutions in Australia.

Principal's welcome

Brisbane South State Secondary College (BSSSC) welcomes international students to South East Queensland's newest secondary school. BSSSC brings a global outlook and leading-edge learning that is combined with a team of passionate and dedicated leaders and educators who are readying curious minds and opening student hearts to a new world where they can embrace and lead the change they want to see.

Our International Student Program enables our students to become active global citizens with a deep knowledge of international issues and an intercultural understanding. A truly global college, BSSSC student reach will extend beyond our postcode to provide real international pathways for all of our students.

With our sights firmly set on the future, we are setting a new course for education with courage and creativity that we are proud to share with our international students choosing to be part of the BSSSC ​community. Our motto, 'Novo Discere Mundo' –​ Learning for a New World, ensures all international students will have access to a truly unique and future focused education.

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At Brisbane South State Secondary College, we are setting the new standard for education, readying curious minds and open hearts to realise their desired future and inspire positive change.

Creating an environment built with technology, creativity and flexibility in mind, we are reshaping the traditional classroom setting to encourage independent thought,​ with our unique curriculum supported by the best and most respected research facilities and institutions in Australia.

By acknowledging and respecting every student’s inherent differences, we will equip our future generations with the flexibility and agility they need to achieve their own inner greatness.

EQI programs offered

High School
High School Study Abroad

Special programs

  • ​Learner-preneur
    Our unique Learner-preneur Program has been collaboratively created by our staff to engage students as genuine learning partners and empower them to be agentic learners so that they can create their desired future. As Learner-preneurs, students undertake inquiries during dedicated time each day to discover their passions, pursuits and purposes through exploring how they find meaning and fulfilment. Students search and discover their individual learning and wellbeing successes. 
  • Biomedical Science Academy
    In collaboration with The University of Queensland (UQ), our Biomedical Science Academy provides tailored programs in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medical science STEM(M) to open new academic pathways and learning opportunities for our students.
  • Australian Football League (AFL) Academy
    Delivered in partnership with AFL Queensland and the Brisbane Lions, our AFL Academy gives students the exclusive opportunity to be exposed to high-quality training and regular participation in AFL Queensland competitions, alongside their academic studies.

Extracurricular activities

  • Creative Generation – celebrating the performing arts industry
  • School of Rock – music education
  • Maths Olympiads and science competitions
  • SPARQ-ed research opportunities at UQ
  • Philosophy critical thinking projects and competitions at UQ
  • Statewide debating competitions
  • RoboCup and robotic challenges
  • Premiers Coding Challenge

School facilities

  • Individual and group learning areas including quiet spaces, for individuals and collaborative study areas
  • Access to the latest equipment and connectivity of devices throughout the school with mobile learning on school premises
  • Outstanding performance spaces and sporting facilities
  • A Learning Street, providing students with a holistic support structure and Wellbeing Centre that provides students with access to counsellors and guidance officers
  • Student Services Centre 
  • Resource Centre with ICT support, library resources and flexible student workspaces

Tertiary pathways

  • Partnership with UQ and other South-East Queensland universities


  • Chinese
  • Spanish

Homestay and accommodation

By living with an Australian host family international students become part of the local community and have a fantastic opportunity to practise their English in a safe and caring home environment.

Students have their own bedroom with study facilities, three meals a day, and access to transport to and from school, and to school activities.

Read more about homestay and accommodation options.

Holiday adventure programs

Holiday adventure programs are an exciting and safe way for students to travel and sightsee during school holidays.

All holiday adventures are fully guided and escorted by qualified teachers and staff to ensure student safety.

Find out more about our holiday adventure programs.

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  • a particular subject, sport, program or extracurricular activity offered by an EQI school; or
  • particular school facilities;

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Last updated 30 August 2023