Luis and Jorge from Mexico


​​​​​International Baccalaureate (IB) students Luis (Brazil) and Jorge (Mexico) are taking advantage of the opportunity to study two terms at Mountain Creek SHS before they return to their school in Mexico. We asked them about their IB experience in Queensland.

What are the advantages of studying for the IB Diploma?

Luis: “The IB helps me to prepare for the international world……it helps you to have a more international mindset, it opens up many possibilities and looks better when you are applying to universities as well.”

Jorge: “Studying in another place outside Mexico is something that makes the IB so special from other types of programs. Even​​​ if I finish it in Mexico or in another place it will have the same recognition everywhere so my high school study is valid in all countries, especially in Europe.”

What do you like most about Mountain Creek SHS?

Jorge: “The facilities here are very good. We have the chance to walk everywhere; it’s a really big school so we have time for that and also facilities for everything. For example, in biology class we have an excellent classroom with laboratory facilities to do all our experiments and we also have enough space. We interact with our facilities really well and that improves our learning.”

Luis: “The teacher support here is amazing, it’s really wonderful.”

What do you like about studying and living on the Sunshine Coast?

Luis: “My favourite thing on the Sunshine Coast is probably the people, the attitude that people have is really laid back; they enjoy life; I find the people here are pretty special. I like the beach a lot and I like that it’s developed but it’s not a mega city so there’s not a lot of traffic or a lot of densely populated areas.”

Jorge: “I find it very easy to make friends here. The Sunshine Coast is really organised and the bus service is really good. And also it’s a good combination between beach and city.”

What message would you give to other students who want to study the IB in Queensland?

Jorge: “You’ll have the best year of your life in Australia because the people are amazing and the teachers help you a lot and after this year you’re going to have a very good basis for what you need to do for the IB program.”

Luis: “People should come to study here on the Sunshine Coast because it’s an experience that really opens up your mind and it grants you independence. You’ll realise it prepares you for adult life. It’s a really good school as well, the teachers are amazing and it has really good infrastructure.”

Last updated 15 April 2021