Beibei and Fee from China


Real-world fashion experience for young designers

Getting a foothold in the fashion industry is notoriously difficult but real-world experience gives students a valuable competitive edge and can provide a launch pad for their chosen fashion career.

Fashion students within the Visual Arts program at Kelvin Grove State College (SC) benefit from a range of exciting opportunities which give them industry insight and boost their pathways to future fashion studies.

In 2018, students used their design skills to raise awareness and funds for the early detection of ovarian cancer and some showcased their creations to industry experts and top designers on the catwalk at Brisbane's prestigious Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival (MBFF).

International students Beibei and Fee from China researched and designed their own white shirts as part of the school's 2018 Ovarian Cancer White Shirt Project. Both designs were among those selected to be manufactured and sold under the KG BOLD fashion label.

Beibei from China

"Kelvin Grove fashion has helped me to achieve my goal because I was given so many opportunities to learn about fashion design, fashion drawing, fabrics and construction techniques", explained Beibei.

“The school provides an amazing platform for exposure for young emerging designers like myself. Most importantly, it gave us the chance to show our different creative mindsets and capabilities”.

“This experience allowed me to feel more confident about myself as I was featured in the publicity for the White Shirt Project”. 

“I learned the importance of early detection of ovarian cancer and the problems associated with this disease”. 

“I learned many new skills in both designing and creating my white shirt. Taking part also allowed me to fully immerse myself in the creative process”. 

Fee said the project enabled her to understand the different sectors of the fashion industry.

“Designing my own shirt allowed me to include features that I liked and also gave me the opportunity to learn new sewing skills”, she said. 

“I was very proud when people purchased my shirt as I felt like a designer and this also meant that these people liked my shirt design”. 

“I was also very proud because my shirt sales were helping to raise money for ovarian cancer”.

Beibei and Fee enjoyed the challenge of creating new pieces for each project and both want to continue their fashion studies at university

Fee from China

"I like to design garments that are unusual and creative. In fashion class I open my mind and integrate different elements and incorporate these ideas into the design", Fee said.

“The teachers gave me suggestions about my design and helped me to complete garments that I can show to universities with my portfolio for entry into fashion”.

All Kelvin Grove SC’s fashion students have the opportunity to display their work at ‘iWear’, a fashion event at the Queensland University of Technology every October.

Kelvin Grove’s KG BOLD (Believe in Oneself and Live the Dream) label gives students the opportunity to create garments for fashion platforms outside the classroom. In 2018, three Year 12 students displayed their work on the catwalk in the Emerging Designers Category at the MBFF.

Participation in the event was led by Kelvin Grove SC’s Marketing Officer Jodie O’Sullivan and Fashion Coordinator Carol Turnbull, who worked together to submit the BOLD label to the festival. Ms Turnbull and a team from the school helped the young designers to bring their collection to life.

“It was a privilege to be part of the BOLD team. Queensland has an incredible emerging fashion scene and to be able to produce a collection that rivals the best is very exciting”, Jodie said.

“Mercedes Benz was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the college and our existing creative edge on a local, state and global platform”

View the highlights of the BOLD collection on YouTube.

Last updated 14 April 2021