Student Success Stories

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Paula from Austria

​​"Another subject I really enjoy is Marine and Aquatic studies because we don’t have that in Austria."​​​ - Watch video

Anna from Brazil

​​​​"I chose Hele​nsvale State High School because of the ca​mpus, which is great, because of the s​ubjects and because I am the​ only international Brazilian student here."​​​ ​ - Watch video​​

Giovanna from Brazil

"I chose Queensland because the weather here is good all the time. In winter we can go surfing and the schools here are awesome." ​​​ - Watch video

David from Cambodia

David was one of just five Year 12 graduates awarded a University of Queensland scholarship to study engineering at the prestigious Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology​​​ - Watch video

Beibei and Fee from China

"Kelvin Grove fashion has helped me achieve my goal because I was given so many opportunities to learn (...)." - Read their story

John from China

"Being the Queensland Cup winner I got the opportunity to study at Mitchelton State High School." - Watch video

Rachel from China

"I was encouraged to participate in the mathematics team challenge and our team got several medals." ​​​ - Watch video

Yuxin from China

​​"I graduated from Mitchelton State High School, I was OP3. Now I’m in university at QUT doing secondary education."​​​ - Watch video

Sara from Colombia

"In Australia I like how I can choose which subjects I do at school, that is something that I can’t do in Colombia." - Watch video

Tomma from Germany

"I chose to study in Queensland because I was always interested in the tropics and I wanted to get to know the area and the culture."​ - Watch video

Kitty ​from Hong Kong

​​"My English Skills have improved a lot since attending Corinda State High School." - Watch video

Yu Fei from Hong Kong

"I have made some lifelong friends over the decade in Australia..."​​​​​ - Watch video

Christy from Hong Kong

​​"In the future, I'd like to continue studying film, television and new media and go to university to study screen production at Griffith Uni [Brisbane"​​​ - Watch video

Diveakssh from India

​​"The facilities we had at​ the Queensland Academy are superior to the ones I even have at university level in some aspects, such as the music studio, the film equipment.​”​ - Watch video

Jay from India

​​"I wish to study Computer Science at university. Being in this school is good because the school provides a good subject range that I can choose in order to become a computer scientist..​" - Watch video

Flony from India

"Townsville is a great place to study because there's many schools around this area considered one of the best schools in north Queensland" - Watch video​​

Ridhima from India

"I have always wanted to be a chartered accountant. The fact that I choose to do high school in Queensland has helped me choose the best possible course at Griffith University.” ​ - Watch video​​

Devi from Indonesia

"I was an international student at Indooroopilly State High School and now I am an international student at QUT, studying a Bachelor of Business and majoring in Accounting.” ​​​ - Watch video

Kamand from Iran

"We learn about how to invest money, the good facts when buying a property. Studying in Queensland is much different compared to my home country (...)" - Watch video

David from Italy

"I chose Coolum State High School because it has visual arts, drama and PE, so you can play ‘Aussie Tag,’ rugby and ‘footy.’ I really like art and am always drawing. " ​​​ - Watch video

Kana from Japan

"I do Arts as one of my OP subjects, and I love it because I get to do art classes three times a week, which is very intense and very good." ​​​ - Watch video

Mayuki from Japan

"In Japan I was part of a swimming team, so I was happy that North Lakes has a swimming pool." - Watch video

Yuri from Japan

​​"I didn’t have any experience for fashion in Japan, but, however I came to Australia and I have been learning how to sew, (...)" - Watch video

Harine from Korea

"Harine's love for music and preforming arts helped her to explore all the music oportunities in her school and beyond.​" - Watch video

Jihyun from Korea

"The reason why I chose Helensvale Sate High School is we have a very small population of international students, and I wanted to advance my English skills." - Watch video

Andy from Malaysia

"I chose to come to Helensvale State High School because of the variety of subjects, I wanted to Maths B and Physics so I can continue my studies in Griffith University doing engineering." - Watch video

Christy from Malaysia

"I am really glad to study this subject in my junior school because I am going to study more academic subjects in senior school for my career pathway in medical." - Watch video

Angelica from Mexico

"I choose the EQI program because it would improve my English and because I can get an OP that will give me the opportunity to study in a University in Australia."​ - Watch video

Jorge from Mexico and Luis from Brazil

"​Studying in another place outside Mexico is something that makes the IB so special from other types of programs.​" - Read more

​​Moe from Burma

"I want to become an Early Childhood Teacher in the future. My plan is to continue my study in Early Childhood at university after completing Year 12 at Whites Hill State College." - Read more

Litamele from Papua New Guinea

​​​​​​"My aspiration is to one day work with an international organisation such as UNICEF, under the United Nations Organisation."​ ​- Read more

O​swald from Papua New Guinea

"To be in Queensland was a dream for me and because I got the study some of the subjects which weren’t capable of studying back in Papua New Guinea." - Watch video

Simaema from Papua New Guinea

Simaema represents Redlynch College in the Cairns CISSA inter-school sports competition and has played on the school volleyball team since Year 11. - Read her story

Neil from Philippines

"I knew this program was going to help me a lot to get into university"

 Watch video

Ian from ​​​Philippines​​​

"I attended a science extension program in Heron Isla​nd. I met friends from around the world and the subject choices here in ..." - Watch video

Oliver from Switzerland

"The support at Coolum State High School is really good. In class I’m asked if I need help and I get more time to do homework. Also, the international staff are really good; I can contact them if I need help.​" - Watch video​​

Kanyanee ​from Thailand​​

"I have opportunities to study in high school preparation and improve my English. I attended the school excursion to an island for researching Marine Biology ..."​ -Watch video

Thuwanon from Thailand​​

"My future goal after completing Year 12 at Centenary State High School is to study a doctor (medical) degree at The University of Queensland."​​​ - Watch video

Amy​ from Vietnam

"I was one of the fourteen Student Ambassador of the City of Gold Coast. We experienced a lot different events, from professional to recreational ones." - Watch vi​​deo

Minh from Vietnam

"The maths and science program at Corinda is quite challenging and I like to challenge myself." - Watch video

Quoc Bao from Vietnam

"The teachers are really friendly, nice and helpful if I have some problems I always ask them for help and I receive assistance with a smile ..."​ - Watch video

Steven from Vietnam

​​"Maths Team Challenge so far is my greatest experience in Indooroopilly. It gave me a great opportunity to compete against all the schools ..." - Watch video

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