The Queensland lifestyle

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​With its diverse blend of cultures, landscapes and experiences, Queensland is the perfect place to learn and try amazing new things.


​Queenslanders are friendly, outgoing people who are known for the open attitude and approachability.

​Australia is a multicultural society made up of a blend of Indigenous Australian, European, Asian, North and South American, Middle Eastern and African cultures. Living in Queensland provides an opportunity to meet people from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, hear lots of different languages and try food from all over the world.  


​Queensland Government schools offer high quality programs and excellent pa​th​ways to guide students through each stage of their education journey, from ‘prep’ and primary school, to high school and preparation for tertiary study. 


​Queensland is Australia’s second largest state spanning 1.7 million square kilometres. From the cities to the country, beaches, reef and rainforests, Queensland offers students a choice of locations to study, relax and play. ​

Lifestyle​​​ and ​​health

Queensland has a wonderful sub-tropical climate and is known for an outdoor lifestyle that allows people to enjoy lots of sports, events and activities. 

​In Queensland, people have access to an excellent healthcare system with first class treatments and facilities. The healthcare and medical sectors are important industries in Queensland, and there are many researchers and research institutions achieving world-leading advancements in these fields.   

Business and economy​

Queensland has a modern, diversified and stable economy, with industry strengths in agriculture, mining and resources, health, construction, tourism, manufacturing and services. The state’s business and industry sectors benefit from highly skilled workers, a supportive government and economic growth that has generally exceeded the national average over the past two decades.   

Accommodation and Welfare

By living with an Australian host family​, international students become part of the local community and have a fantastic opportunity to practise english in a safe and caring home environment. Visiting students often develop lasting friendships with their homestay families.​

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Last reviewed 08 June 2016
Last updated 02 August 2017