Dr Charles Xiaohang Sun from China

Dr Sun​​​​​​

Alumnus of: Whites Hill State College 

High School Preparation (HSP): a solid foundation​​​


Practising dentist and EQI alumni Dr Charles Xiaohang Sun writes about his HSP experience 

My name is Charles Sun, I attended Whites Hill State College (WHSC) High School Preparation (HSP) program when I first arrived in Australia, from July to December 2007.  Some years later, from a new arrival teenage boy in the country, I am now working as a private practice dentist in Western Australia. Looking back in the past few years, I strongly felt that the HSP program in WHSC had prepared me well and given me a head start for all the challenges I would face in my study career. 

Preparing for high school 

In WHSC, the HSP program is tailored for each student to suit their needs: students are assessed based on their English levels and are placed in appropriate classes with similar cohorts. It ensures all the contents being taught can benefit the majority of the class.  Each student receives very individual attention: as they progress, the teachers adjust class contents accordingly to ensure the program is always engaging and stimulating. Students are placed with local Australian students for certain occasions to allow overseas students to adjust to the Australian high school environment and routines. Before I graduated from the program, I felt that I was ready and confident to start my next stage of studying – Australian local high school. 

Friends and lifestyle 

As new arrivals in the country, quite often culture differences can be just as challenging as academic issues. I felt that WHSC had helped me with the cultural adaptation very well and I was feeling at ease from day one. WHSC organises excursions and sporting events to help with all the overseas students making friends and embracing the Australian lifestyle. Once students break the ice and start enjoying their lives in Australia, they thrive even better in WHSC’s nurturing environment.  I would like to thank WHSC personally for all the kind help and warm welcomes I received when I was studying there. The HSP program has given me a very solid foundation and stepping stone for my study career in Australia. 

Dr Charles Xiaohang Sun, BDSc (Hons) (Qld)

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Last reviewed 17 February 2016
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