Coding​ is the new literacy and a ‘must have’ for every student. It is the programming language you use to tell a computer what you want it to do. Just as our students learn a language like Mandarin or Japanese, all students need to learn the language of programming. 

If you can speak the language of code you can create the solutions needed for the 21st century. With their knowledge of code, students can learn to apply technologies to solve global issues and improve lives, for example, by developing new software and communication technologies, and through the use of robotics.

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Digital technologies in Queensland state schools

Queensland state schools are fast tracking the implementation of the ‘Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies’ for students in Prep to Year 10. This is to enable them to develop digital literacy to become effective users of digital systems, consumers of the information conveyed by digital systems, and innovative creators of digital solutions. The curriculum provides students with practical opportunities to use coding and robotics to create solutions to real world problems.​

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Last reviewed 12 April 2016
Last updated 18 November 2019