Maths is a super versatile subject that supports the sciences, music and art, and boosts your prospects in a long list of non-science careers, including business, economics, software development, statistics, retail, accounting and many others.

Studying mathematics develops analytical, research and problem solving skills. Mathematics is used to find a solution to many different issues, from solving mechanical problems and calculating better irrigation systems, to predicting the behaviour of an earthquake.

It is also beneficial for everyday practical thinking - for example, for budgeting, estimates, costing's​ and statistical analysis - so it is not surprising that maths qualifications are highly valued by employers in every industry.  

The Queensland Government school curriculum ensures that all students gain mathematical reasoning skills and learn to apply this understanding creatively and efficiently. Students are taught to become self-motivated, confident learners through inquiry and active participation in challenging and engaging experiences.

​Mathematics in High School Years 11 and 12

Maths A – covers core and elective topics that relate to personal and work situations, including Financial Mathematics, Applied Geometry, Statistics and Probability. 

Maths B – provides a foundation for tertiary level STEM study in the engineering sciences, medical and health sciences, information technology and computer science. 

Maths C - Maths C is usually studied alongside Maths B and is particularly relevant to students who have a strong interest in university studies in maths, science, statistics, engineering and economics.

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Last reviewed 12 April 2016
Last updated 18 November 2019