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Leadership Program at The Gap State High School 

The Gap Outdoor Adventure and Leadership Studies (GOALS) has been developed as a core program for Years 7 to 12 students at The Gap State High School. It is a holistic program aimed at developing strong, confident individuals who can function effectively within their environment. The program focuses on leadership, personal development, relationship management, challenge and adventure. 

GOALS is unique, having been developed within the school community by its staff in consultation with parents and students. The school built the Leadership Training Centre (LTC) to complement GOALS. This unique facility features 22 adventure-training challenges. GOALS aims to develop student's potential for life success while developing personal and social competencies and leadership skills.

GOALS is based on research that indicates life success is not only contingent on intelligence or academic education but also well developed personal and social competencies. Developing these competencies can enhance a person’s propensity for success. Research shows development of these competencies may lead to improved academic results, improved learning culture, improved attendance and reduced disciplinary actions.

GOALS has been independently investigated and evaluated by researchers at the University of Queensland and Griffith University as part of an international study run through Cambridge University, called Leadership for Learning. 

This evaluation showed that GOALS has universal benefits for all students, regardless of gender or academic ability and is particularly effective in enhancing educational outcomes, developing leadership and planning skills, confidence and self-esteem. 


Leadership Training Centre  

The Leadership Training Centre is a unique facility to The Gap State High School, purpose built to complement GOALS.  

It features 22 different adventure training activities including adjustable rock climbing walls, bouldering walls, internal and external abseiling platforms, individual and team based vertical apparatus, high ropes and high leaps.

Further funding from the School and Community Innovators Scheme saw the installation of an internal caving system and external team building activities.

​​​While GOALS is not dependent on the LTC for its operation, it has enhanced the program and demonstrates the school’s long term commitment to GOALS.​

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