Choice of subjects

Our schools offer a wide range of subject choices to nurture every student's potential.

Our curriculum has a strong focus on STEM – science, technology, engineering, mathematics – with schools delivering a blend of academic and practical workshop teaching methods.

Many schools also offer special programs, which may be tailored to their location or available resources, such as marine science, agricultural science, creative technologies, music, performing arts and elite sports programs.


Advances in science and technology create constant change in the way we live, work and communicate. STEM subjects help students develop analytical skills that will benefit all areas of life.

Our schools offer STEM subjects, excellence programs and after-school activities to encourage student engagement and a love of learning. 

The benefits of studying STEM:

  • 75% of the fastest growing occupations need people with skills in STEM
  • your choice of a great range of interesting and rewarding careers
  • advanced analytical and problem solving skills that could lead to solving global issues
  • academically rigorous STEM programs provide excellent pathways to university study
  • the opportunity to work in many different environments from hospitals to research stations to offices or even outer space!

Find out more about our student experiences with STEM programs:

Special programs

Our schools provide a range of subjects, programs and extra-curricular activities to support every student's interests and ambitions.

Special programs are delivered at a very high level and can give you credit towards university study or a head start in a professional or sporting career.

Programs vary from school to school. Some options include:

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Last reviewed 03 October 2019
Last updated 23 November 2020