Why study in Queensland

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Queensland’s world class education system, beautiful environment and relaxed lifestyle attract more than 85,000 international students from 160 countries each year. As an international student studying in Queensland you’ll enjoy numerous benefits and opportunities.   

Academic excellence: develop knowledge and skill​s for the future

EQI study programs enable you to fulfil your academic and personal potential. With a ​diverse range of academic and sports subjects to choose from you can gain a deeper understanding of our world, and the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the most desirable jobs of the future. 

Read what EQI students and alumni say on our Student success stories​ page.


A choice of locations

In Queensland, you can choose to study in a city, rural town or coastal setting. Many schools offer niche subjects based on their location, regional industries and research strengths, and the partnerships they have with local universities and TAFEs. Queensland is also very accessible, with four international, 17 domestic and 48 regional airports.

Our easy to use online search tool will help you to find a school that has the programs and features that are most important to you.

Pathways to tertiary study​​ in Queensland and beyond    

Post-secondary education and training​ gives young people the skills they need to drive innovation, engage in industry and contribute to building stronger economies. As a Queensland high school student you have the advantage of fast-tracked, experiential and even direct-entry pathways to Australian universities, TAFE and vocational education institutions to take you to the next step in achieving your dream career. 


Dedicated student support

​EQI recognises that happy, confident, resilient and responsible students are more engaged in their learning, are positive class members and more active in their school and community. EQI provides first class care for international students from the moment they arrive in Queensland. Each school provides ongoing specialist support to ensure international students can focus on studying and enjoying life.  

​The Queensland lifestyle

In 2020, Australia's quality of life was rated 4th on the world scale, higher than the United States (14th), Canada (18th), the United Kingdom (20th), New Zealand (8th), Singapore (34th) and most European countries. including the Netherlands (5th) and Germany (9th). Brisbane is also rated ahead of Perth, Melbourne and Sydney*

In Queensland, EQI students can truly experience Australia’s famous ‘outdoor’ lifestyle. Queenslanders are well known for having a friendly approach to life and for being relaxed and welcoming to visitors.  

​* NUMBEO Quality of Life Index by Country and Australian cities 2020

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Last updated 23 January 2020