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The Teachers for Nauru project is a professional development initiative introduced by the Offshore Projects Unit (OPU) of Department of Education International (DEi) to help Nauru Secondary School (NSS) continue their successful delivery of Queensland curriculum. The program also provides Queensland teachers with a valuable opportunity to gain international teaching experience.

View from classroom in Nauru

NSS, a Queensland Recognised School since 2013, is licensed to deliver Queensland's senior curriculum with eligible students studying for the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) issued by the Queensland Curriculum Authority (QCAA). ​The Teachers for Nauru project involves Queensland registered teachers participating in short-term placements of four weeks at NSS.

The school employs local and international teachers, however, short-term positions provide an ideal platform to build capacity and provide more opportunities for Queensland's teachers to support the delivery of the Queensland senior curriculum in Nauru.

The Department of Education, Nauru welcomed the first two Teachers for Nauru in October 2017, with further intakes in November, December and continuing throughout 2018. 

Teachers for Nauru participant, Mr Sam Hague, an English teacher from North Lakes State College, enjoyed working overseas for the first time: "Nauru is a beautiful country with a fascinating history and culture. The people are warm and kind, and the students are friendly and love a good laugh. The teachers at the school are very keen to learn and will be appreciative of your time, so come with practical skills to teach and subject-specific resources to pass on."

Another participant, Mr Tony Chamberlain from James Nash High School, Gympie, recommended Teachers for Nauru because, "seeing your school system being implemented by another culture is interesting and it's also enriching to be emerged into another culture for a period of time." 

Mr Chamberlain said tasks for teachers were varied and might involve classroom instruction, assessment refinement, verification or monitoring work, meetings with the Department of Education, or after school workshops with teachers. Mr Chamberlain said students have opportunity to gain scholarships to study in Australian schools or tertiary institutions: "These students will return to make significant positive impacts on Nauruan society in the future."

As an advocate for the Teachers for Nauru Program, former Queensland Department of Education Director for North Coast Region, Ms Tracy Corsbie, encouraged staff in the North Coast Region to continue supporting the great work Nauru is doing to 'gr​ow their own' teachers. "Our staff are eager to improve learning experiences and keen to provide students with a global qualification for which they should be congratulated."

The Republic of Nauru is located in Micronesia and has a population of about 11,000.  Nauru is the world's third smallest state by area after the Vatican City and Monaco.  Queensland is the most popular Australian destination for Nauruan students for both senior secondary and tertiary education.

Queensland State School teachers of senior subjects (listed below) interested in Teachers for Nauru can forward their CV to the Offshore Projects Unit:  internationalprojects@qed.qld.gov.au

Teachers require principal approval and support from regional office to participate in Teachers for Nauru.

Subjects offered at Nauru Secondary School include: English, English Communication, Mathematics A and Mathematics B, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Accounting, Business Studies and Aquatic Practices.

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Last reviewed 01 February 2018
Last updated 24 October 2018