Unilearn Pathways (UP)

UP History

Department of Education International (DEi) has owned and operated a university preparation program since 2003. For over ten years, DEi offered the Unilearn Foundation Program (UFP), which proved particularly popular with a number of colleges in China. Over 1,000 students completed the UFP and successfully entered a range of undergraduate studies in Australia and abroad.

After ten years of successful UFP delivery, DEi reviewed and revitalised the UFP curriculum to launch UP in 2014.​

UP course outline  

Unilearn Pathways (UP) is a high-quality offshore program for international students to prepare for entry into a university undergraduate degree. This pathway program offered by DEi focuses on three key areas of instruction in preparation for studying in an international university setting: 

  • Academic proficiency   

  • English language acquisition  

  • Cultural preparation   

The language of instruction is English and students successfully completing the program may apply for entry into any English-speaking undergraduate program worldwide.  

Download the Unilearn Pathways brochure available in the following languages:  

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UP course structure  

UP offers participating schools and colleges the option of delivering the program full-time (36 weeks). 

​​Students study five subjects across three progressive levels:

Language (English): a progression through study skills, critical thinking and English for academic purposes

Mathematics: English skills for tertiary mathematics, featuring Probability, Calculus and Statistics  

Business: Conceptual knowledge and practical applications of business fundamentals  

Information Communication and Technology (ICT): Contemporary uses of Information and Computer Technology in a tertiary environment  

Cultural Studies, Global Learning Project and Digital Profile (CGD): A unique blend of cultural studies, a Global Research Project and the development of a Digital Profile.  

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UP program recognition  

UP provides a range of tertiary options for students with different career aspirations. A number of Australian universities have recognised UP as a pathway program to an international tertiary education.  

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How to apply

DEi will assess each UP application under the Department of Education​’s due diligence framework. Each applicant organisation will be checked for:  

  • Financial viability  

  • Reputation in the marketplace  

  • Legal capacity to enter into the agreement 

  • Capacity to successfully deliver the program  

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