Virtual program—Global Schools Challenge


Coming in 2022: Ethics and the Global Citizen

The EQI Global Schools Challenge is an international competition providing high school students with a unique opportunity to partner with Queensland Government schools and present solutions to global issues.

The interconnectedness between people, countries, economic growth and the environment means we all play a part within a growing global community. The Global Schools Challenge will explore this theme in detail and identify:

  • What does it mean to make ethical decisions?
  • How can students encourage big corporations to make moral decisions to be socially responsible and maintain integrity of the community?
  • What does it mean to be a global citizen?
  • How can our students of today become tomorrow’s global advocates for change?

EQI has created this unique opportunity for groups of students to explore and recognise the important part they play in today’s global society. The Global Schools Challenge will provide participants with the opportunity to:

  • develop their cultural awareness by sharing cultural and global perspectives
  • attend workshops with industry professionals
  • enhance their global leadership, ethical decision making and critical thinking skills while navigating global issues
  • experience the Queensland classroom through various interactive and collaborative sessions.

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Program features

Summit: participants have the opportunity to engage with plenary sessions, workshops and presentations as part of the two half-day summit. 

Queensland Government partner school: international groups will be partnered with Queensland Government schools to form a team.

Virtual integration: with your Queensland Government partner school to develop your proposal.


Program learning outcomes

The EQI Global Schools Challenge will provide participants with the opportunity to develop the following skills:

  • Leadership: identifying own strengths and develop areas for growth
  • Problem solving: demonstrating that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process
  • Critical thinking: demonstrating how to initiate and plan a project
  • Cross-cultural communication: demonstrating skills and recognising the benefits of working collaboratively and internationally
  • Global awareness: demonstrating engagement with issues of global significance (project-based approach)
  • Decision making: recognising and consideration of the ethics of choices and actions.

When is the EQI Global Schools Challenge?

The EQI Global Schools Challenge will be held virtually across the globe in March 2022.

Quick facts

Registration dates

Registrations will open in June 2021. Please contact your designated agent or EQI at for more information. 

Who can join?

Secondary school (junior and senior high school) students aged 13 to 18 years of age.

Group size

Minimum of 20 students and maximum of 35 students per group booking.

Supervising adults

An English-speaking adult must provide support for the group.


The Global Schools Challenge will commence on 5 March (first Summit Day) to 31 March 2022. There will be an opportunity for teachers and students to connect in advance from 28 February 2022.


Availability is limited, please contact EQI to discuss further. 

Further information

Contact for more information.

Last updated 26 May 2021