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​The student masterclass series

The EQI Academy of Global Minds is a virtual program designed to take international students on an educational journey. Participants will have access to virtual lessons produced by Queensland education experts and live interactive virtual sessions with Queensland Government students.

Overseas schools have the opportunity to select from four streams with gold and platinum packages available in each stream.


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Program streams

  • The culture of Queensland: learn about what makes up Australia – the land, the animals and the people.
  • Environmental sustainability: expand the understanding of the world we live in and what can be done to help protect the planet through the implementation of sustainable practices.
  • Cultural and global leadership: discover what it takes to become a leader in a global society through examining leadership qualities and skills.
  • Entrepreneurship: develop skills to innovate and reimagine the business world for the future.   

Program features

  • Gold package: the foundation level into each stream. The gold package provides an introduction to the topic consisting of one video lesson and one interactive virtual session with a Queensland Government school. The gold package must be purchased prior to purchasing the platinum package.
  • Platinum package: allows students to delve deeper into the stream topic with two additional video lessons and one additional interactive virtual session per stream.
  • Interactive virtual session: students will be able to discuss their new knowledge and work through a variety of activities with Queensland Government students during their interactive virtual session.

Program learning outcomes

The EQI Academy of Global Minds will provide participants with the opportunity to develop the following skills:

  • Global leader: demonstrating personal commitment and perseverance
  • Critical thinker: demonstrating an understanding of ethical choices and actions.
  • Responsible global citizen: developing new global skills to work cross culturally
  • Cross-cultural integration: demonstrating skills to work collaboratively internationally.
  • Problem solver: demonstrating engagement with issues of global significance.

When is the EQI Academy of Global Minds?

The EQI Academy of Global Minds will be released virtually in early-2021.

Quick facts

Who can join?

Streams suitable for primary, secondary school (junior and senior high school) students aged 10-18 years of age are available. Please refer to the stream overviews for age suitability of each stream.

Group size

Minimum of 10 students and maximum of 25 students per group booking.

Supervising adults

An English-speaking adult must provide support for the group.

Availability of virtual lessons

Availability is limited for 3 months from date of purchase, please contact EQI to discuss further. 

More information

Contact for more information.

Last updated 01 April 2021