​​​​​​​​​​​​​Study STEM at a Queensland Government school

Science and technology have truly changed our world by transforming the way we live, work and communicate. Quality studies in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) prepare students to become the architects of the future.

Studying STEM subjects is not only beneficial to future scientists, medical personnel and engineers. Students who study STEM can develop advanced analytical skills that will help them to succeed in highly desirable careers.  

Queensland Government schools offer a wide range of STEM subjects, excellence programs and after school activities to bring students to the forefront of science, innovation and technology.

Why study STEM subjects?

  • To choose from a great choice of interesting and rewarding careers, e.g. doctor, marine biologist, software designer, architect, aerospace engineer, food scientist and many more. 
  • For the opportunity to work in different environments, from hospitals and offices, to remote research stations or even outer space! 
  • To help solve global issues, like discovering cures for deadly diseases and more productive methods of growing food. 
  • ​To gain skills highly valued by employers all over the world. 
  • Because 75% of the fastest growing occupations need people with STEM skills.
  • To enjoy a higher starting salary than many other bachelor degree graduates.

​Pathways to tertiary study

The high quality teaching and academically rigorous programs offered in Queensland Government schools prepare students for their choice of tertiary study or training​. EQI students can experience university study and even earn university course credit while still at high school.


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Jiayue (Clara) from China graduated from Cleveland District State High School in 2014 with an OP1. After sailing through Maths C, Maths B, Biology and Chemistry, Clara was awarded a Science Scholarship to study a Bachelor of Advanced Science at The University of Queensland, one of Australia’s most prestigious universities.

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Elite science study tours in Queensland: innovative science, research and cultural experiences for budding scientists  

Queensland is a centre of excellence for science and technology and home to many world-class research institutions and researchers. EQI’s elite science study tours offer international students a fascinating insight of STEM in action in Queensland.

Study tours are available to groups of 10 or more students for stays of up to 12 weeks. Visit the Study tours elite science program page.

Develop your STEM potential at a Queensland Academy

With the benefit of unique partnerships with The University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology and Griffith University, high achieving students can specialise in their favourite STEM subjects and enjoy a smooth transition from high school to university study.

Download the Queensland Academies brochure or (RTF, 43KB).

Last updated 30 March 2021