Baseball Excellence

Baseball is a sport played world-wide, and students in the Robina State High School Baseball Excellence program get the opportunity to play baseball in places they only ever imagined. 

The Robina Kingfishers, the official baseball team of Robina State High School, travels to Japan to experience a culture where baseball is a national sport.  They play against a variety of high school teams, participate in their rigorous training sessions and attend Major League Games and other attractions.  Other teams from America, Taiwan and Japan also visit Robina State High School for training and games throughout the year. These opportunities enable players to see what it is really like to play against the best.


The Program 

Robina State High School ‘s Baseball Excellence Program has a proud tradition of producing some outstanding baseball players that have gone on to play in major baseball leagues around the wold including the United States, Japan and Europe.

Each week four lessons of baseball including gym sessions, field sessions and theory classes are undertaken. Extended training sessions are also offered before and after school for players to develop their skills.

Field sessions include a variety of drills to enhance players’ hitting, pitching, throwing and running; game day; umpiring and scoring. Gym sessions develop player’s strength and conditioning sessions build fitness levels and are conducted under nationally accredited coaches. Theory classes focus on player development (both physical and psychological); batting, pitching and throwing analysis; goal setting; nutrition; and playing strategies. Students will also complete Level 1 Accreditation in Coaching and Umpiring and will work with professional players, coaches and scouts as they plan their future in the sport.


Robina State High School Baseball Hall of Fame

Josh Warner (Pitcher) – scouted by the Philadelphia Phillies in 2010, is now playing in minor leagues with the aim of one day playing in the majors. Josh represented Australia in 2010 and was the starting pitcher in the Gold Medal Game at the World U/18 Championships in Canada.

Aaron Thompson – signed with the Texas Rangers in 2009.  His first season in their minor leagues was outstanding and he continues to aim to play professionally at the highest level.

Luke Rod & Rhys Niit – both have been accepted to attend Trinidad University and play in their baseball program. Luke has since gone on to play for a college in Oklahoma.

Taylah Welsh – represented Australia in the 2009 and 2010 Women’s World Baseball Championships. In 2010 she gained a silver medal after Australia was defeated in the Gold Medal Game.

Corey Lyon – was selected in the Australian AA Baseball Team who competed at the World Championships in Mexico in 2011.


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