UP course structure


Entry Requirements

For entry into Unilearn Pathways (UP) full-time (36 weeks), students must have:

* Exit points may vary between countries


UP has three levels of certification with each level consisting of five subjects which build on the previous level. After successful completion of all three levels, students will receive their UP certification of completion.

The five subjects in each level are:

  • Language(English)

  • Mathematics

  • Business

  • Information Communication and Technology (ICT)

  • Cultural Studies, Global Learning Project and Digital Profile (GCD)

Completion of UP

Upon successful completion of UP, students will receive the UP Certificate of Completion and Academic Transcript issued by Department of Education International (DEi). Students will be able to apply to universities for entry into various undergraduate courses. UP is officially recognised by many Australian universities. This gives you choice and flexibility to decide what you study and where. 

To find out more about UP, email Offshore Projects Unit: internationalprojects@qed.qld.gov.au

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Last reviewed 23 May 2016
Last updated 24 September 2018