Curriculum Licensing

​Curriculum Licensing

Schools licensing the Queensland curriculum receive access to internationally recognised syllabuses and associated resources/support through DEi's Offshore Projects Unit (OPU) and the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA).


Curriculum Licensing – Prep to Year 10

Schools licensing the Queensland curriculum through OPU receive:

  • Syllabuses: Authorised access to all Key Learning Areas' (KLA) core curriculum for the year levels licensed.
  • Essential Learnings and Standards (ELS): ELS are at the core of the curriculum and provide direction to teachers on what should be taught and learnt in schools.
  • Regular Updates: subscriptions to QCAA news for schools including regular curriculum updates.
  • Resources: Project management through the OPU, quality reviews and professional development.

For latest information on subjects offered, visit Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority (QCAA).

Apply to become a Queensland curriculum licensed school.  


Queensland Recognised Schools

A Queensland Recognised School delivers Queensland's Year 11 and Year 12 curriculum, including Year 12 certification for eligible students (a Statement of Results and Queensland Certificate of Education).

The Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) is a widely recognised qualification for entry into English-speaking universities in Australia and elsewhere in the world.

An overseas educational institution becomes a Recognised School by falling within the definition of "Recognised School" in Schedule 1 of the Education (Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority) Act 2014. Under this definition the Recognised School means an entity –

  1. that provides educational instruction to students; and
  2. that does not operate in Australia; and​
  3. the governing body of which has an agreement with the State (local government body) under which the governing body is authorised to implement, for the students, the authority's syllabuses for senior subjects.

Offshore delivery is monitored by OPU and requires Recognised Schools to enter into a commercial agreement with the Queensland Government to license the Year 11 and 12 Queensland curriculums.

Apply to become a Queensland Recognised School

For more information on curriculum licensing and Queensland Recognised Schools, please see download the Offshore Curriculum Licensing and Queensland Recognised Schools brochure available in the following languages: Offshore Curriculum Licensing and Queensland Recognised Schools​ Brochure (PDF, 3.9MB)​ 


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