Study Abroad as part of my high school experience

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Junior High School (Years 7-10) – CRICOS Course Code: 082520G
Senior High School (Years 11-12) – CRICOS Course Code: 082521G

The High School (Study Abroad) Program is for students who want to come to Queensland for a short term high school experience. International students can study in Year 7 to Year 12 for part of the Junior High School and/or senior high school program.

The Study Abroad Component allows students to study in Queensland for a period of three, six, nine or 12 months. Students are provided with the opportunity to improve their English proficiency and immerse themselves in Australian culture.

Upon completion,​ students receive a Queensland school report outlining their academic achievements. 

Every EQI school has a dedicated guidance officer and international student coordinator. Visit the support team page for more information.

EQI high schools

There are over 70 EQI high schools in Queensland accredited to host international students - to find out more about the schools refer to find a school.

About EQI schools

Study Abroad students can study almost anywhere in Queensland. Students can choose from over 70 accredited schools in a variety of locations, and depending on their location and natural environment, many of these schools may offer exciting specialised programs such as marine studies, aviation, surf awareness or tourism.​

Find out more information about studying in Brisb​ane​, Cairns, Gold Coast, or Sunshine Coast.  

Entry requirements

For details of age, academic, and English language proficiency requirements refer to Entry requirements.

Accommodation and welfare

​ ​​For details about accommodation for high school students, please refer to the accommodation and w​elfare.​ ​​


​​Standard terms and conditions


EQI’s Standard Terms and Conditions are available under Apply now.​


​Apply for a place in an EQI high school​​

Apply now to Study in a Queensland Government School, Australia.
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