About the app

The ‘Your Passport to Queensland’ is a mobile application (app) for international students studying an Education Queensland International (EQI) high school program. The app contains games, videos, activities and information designed to help you to settle into your new life and school in Queensland, including how to stay safe at the beach, in the bush and in the city.

The app is for international students studying an EQI program in a Queensland state high school. It is not currently available to EQI primary school students, Study Tour students or those on a short-term international exchange. A version of the app may be made available for these groups in the future.

You will receive instructions and your unique access code with your EQI Confirmation of Enrolment. You can download the app by visiting the Google Play for Android and iTunes Connect for iOS/Apple (you must be using your mobile phone in order to install the application). 

The app is also available to students in mainland and non-mainland China by visiting Tencent MyApp, 360 Mobile Assistant, Baidu Mobile AssistantPP AssistantSogou Mobile AssistantWandoujia and can also be accessed through the HiMarket and Oppo Software Store mobile apps.

See Your Passport to Queensland App Download instructions (PDF, 227KB) for further information.

You will be sent instructions and a unique 10-digit code with your EQI Confirmation of Enrolment. You can download and use the app as soon as you receive your code. To get the best start to your studies we recommend that you begin using the app before you arrive in Queensland.

You can create your own personal avatar using the fun native animal characters and accessories available in the app. You can go back to change your avatar at any time.

The modules and games are designed for you to complete in your own time and your scores aren’t compared with anyone else’s, so you can pop in and out of the app anytime – whether on the bus, at your break time or after school! Progressing through the modules enables you to ‘unlock’ more fun content and games. The app will take under an hour to complete, but you are free to revisit and play the games and videos as much as you like! The games get more challenging the longer you play them- what high score or level can you achieve?

The ‘Your Passport to Queensland’ App is available in English. The app has been designed for high school aged students who have English as a second language. The app has been tested with students with varying levels of English comprehension to ensure they understand the information.

Yes, you can go back into the app anytime you need to, especially as there’s lots of information you will find helpful in different situations. There are also links to other useful websites, including the 1800 QSTUDY support service and a section called ‘Useful Information’.

Yes, EQI will provide updates to the app. EQI will let you know when an update is available and how you can access it.

Security and personal information

No, every EQI student is given their own unique code to access the app. Your code can only be used by you, so you should not share this with anyone else.

No, your personal identifying information is not sent to, or stored on the app so there is no risk to your information security when you download and use it. Please see the Terms and Conditions for more information.

‘Your Passport to Queensland’ is designed to help you to stay safe during your studies in Queensland. For this reason, Education Queensland International will be able to see if you’ve downloaded the app and how far you have progressed through the content. This is just to check that you understand the information – we won’t share your information with anyone else.

From time to time EQI will send you notifications to your phone, these are reminders to start or continue a module or because you haven’t used the app for a while.

Contact details and further information

In emergencies, you should always dial 'Triple Zero' or 000 for immediate assistance. Emergencies include, but are not limited to, situations that pose an immediate risk to health and life, severe conditions, accidents and major injuries. Triple Zero is the emergency phone number in Australia for police, fire fighters or ambulance. This number should only be used in an emergency. During school hours, if you need support or non-emergency assistance you should contact your school directly. Support is always available if you have any questions or need help:

  • The International Student Coordinator is your main contact
  • School staff can help you with education matters, including extracurricular activities, health and personal concerns
  • Your school’s homestay coordinator will assist you with your homestay arrangements
  • The school guidance officer is trained to provide assistance with personal and academic issues, including career guidance and study pathways.

If you have an issue to report when your school is closed, you should call 1800 QSTUDY (1800 778 839), during the following times:

  • Monday to Friday – before 9am and after 3pm
  • Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) – 24 hours
  • School vacations and public holidays – 24 hours.

If you applied through an education agent they can help you with any questions you have. You can also find pre-arrival guides on the EQI website. These include guides to living in Queensland, homestay information and what to expect at school. When you begin your studies, your school will hold a school orientation session so you can get to know your new classmates and teachers and learn about school life. It is very important that you attend the orientation as it will assist you to settle in quickly.

If you applied through an education agent they may be able to answer some questions about the app or you can contact us directly: Email:

Last updated 22 December 2020