You will find our Travel and Activities Policy outlined in the Standard terms and conditions

While you are part of the homestay program, EQI encourages you to participate in travel and activities to enhance your experiences while living and studying in Queensland. EQI ensures appropriate arrangements are in place to ensure your safety. As a homestay student, you will require approval prior to participating in certain travel and activities not arranged by the school (non-routine and routine activities). This requirement is explained in the Travel and activities section of the Standard terms and conditions.

Routine activities for Homestay students

While living in homestay you must discuss routine activities with your homestay provider and comply with homestay provider decisions. Routine activities includes travel to and from school or off-site school activities, everyday travel with the homestay provider, and normal domestic activities such as shopping, entertainment, sports, visiting friends and health care consultations. It does not include overnight stays away from your homestay address.

Non-routine activities for homestay students

As a homestay student, you must obtain our permission for all non-routine activities. This includes water activities, overnight travel away from homestay provider’s residence (with or without the homestay provider), activities where a sports, leisure and recreation service provider requests parental consent or activities that require supervision other than the homestay provider.

To request permission to participate in non-routine activities, please complete the Travel and activities request form (above) and submit it to your international student and/or homestay coordinator.


You must refer to the Standard terms and conditions and contact your International Student and/Homestay Coordinator for further advice and approvals when considering:

  • driving a vehicle

  • becoming a passenger in a vehicle driven by a driver with a learner (L plate) driver's licence or provisional (P plate) driver's licence.

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Last reviewed 24 January 2020
Last updated 20 May 2020