Deferral, suspension and cancellation of enrolment

You will find our Deferral, Suspension and Cancellation Policy outlined in the Standard terms and conditions

​​EQI may approve a suspension of your enrolment if there are compassionate and compelling circumstances. This means if you cannot attend school for reasons such as illness or family responsibilities EQI will ensure that your inability to attend school will not impact your attendance requirements.

For information regarding deferring your enrolment prior to arrival (commencement of your course) please see Enrolment - Subclass 500 (schools) visa procedure under the Enrolment tab.

You may cancel your enrolment at any time. Please refer to Ongoing enrolment - Subclass 500 (schools) visa procedure under the Enrolment tab.

EQI may suspend or even cancel your enrolment as outlined in the Standard terms and conditions of your Enrolment agreement and in accordance with the requirements of Australian law. For further information please refer to the Standard terms and conditions and the relevant procedure that outlines the cancellation of enrolments -  these can be found in the Attendance, Course Progress and Enrolment tabs.

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Last reviewed 24 January 2020
Last updated 19 February 2020