Course credit

​In Queensland, the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority is responsible for assessing and granting course credit for the purposes of the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). For further information visit the QCAA​ website.

If you enrol in vocational education and training as part of your program in a Queensland state school with Education Queensland International (EQI), you may be able to have credit transferred to your studies.​ 

Year level placement and varia​tion

When a student is applying for placement in a Queensland state school, EQI review the education the student has completed in their home country, the student’s age and the year level/program being requested.

EQI will make an offer for a particular year level based on this information and in some cases, in consultation with the receiving school.

If upon commencement at the school it is deemed that the year level placement is not the best fit for the student, the receiving school and/or student can request to alter the year level placement.

If the request is within the boundaries of the student visa assessment level framework, EQI will seek approval from the student’s parents to revise the enrolment agreement.

If the year level variation is for a higher year level, additional fees may be payable to EQI prior to the year level variation taking place.

​If the year level variation is for a lower year level, the student may need to extend th​eir student visa​.

Upon confirmation of the change to year level, EQI will issue a revised enrolment agreement and/or Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) to reflect the changes made and report the change of course duration, via PRISMS, where required.​

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Last reviewed 12 August 2016
Last updated 06 September 2016