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​​​​​​​What is an E​​QI Homesta​​​​y?

Education Queensland International (EQI) develops and promotes programs for international students to study at Queensland Government schools. 

International education is Queensland's second largest services export industry and is important to the State's economy. The school sector is a major contributor to the industry, and there are currently over 80 Queensland Government schools that offer international student programs. 

Homestay provides international students with a secure and welcoming place to live and practise their English language skills in a real home setting. Most students attend high school but the length of their stay in Queensland will vary. 

As a homestay host you contribute to the positive memories our international students have of their item in Queensland. Our most successful hosts form cultural links and friendship with students and families all over the world. 


 ​“My students bring a lot to my home – they bring diversity, they bring culture, a difference of opinion and humour. the replationships they for with my own children are nearly always positive. I really can't think of anything negative I've experienced – that's why I'm still a homestay 'mum' after five years" – Fiona, homestay host from Cairns


What does a hom​​estay host provide? 

A clean, safe and friendly home where students can experience the Australian lifestyle and practise their English conversation skills. 

A private bedroom with a desk and suitable storage space for the student’s clothes, personal belongings and study materials. 

Three nutritious meals per day

Assistance to access transport to and from school and for school-related activities. 


What do home​stay hosts receive? 

EQI hosts receive a fortnightly payment to cover the student’s meals and homestay expense. If your host application is successful your local school will provide full training and ongoing support to ensure that you and your international student/s enjoy best homestay experience. 


How do I become an EQI homestay host? 

Homestay hosts are selected form local communities and come from many different backgounds and family settings. 

EQI homestays are managed by individual Queensland Government schools to find your local school please check the EQI school list. 

To ensure student safety, each adult (aged 18 and over) in your household is screened via police check and must obtain a 'Blue Card'​​​​, Queensland’s monitoring system for people who work with children. 


Changes to Terms and Conditions for Homestay Hosts

Education Queensland International has recently revised the Terms and Conditions for Homestay Providers, to align with recent changes to student's Standard Terms and Conditions. The revised Terms and Conditions for Homestay Providers will come into effect on 14 January 2019.  

For current homestay hosts, the existing Terms and Conditions are available until 13 January 2019. Your continued participation as a homestay host after the changes take effect, will be treated as your agreement to the changes. 

Please contact your school with any queries.


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