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Our school system

Each state in Australia has its own education system, and the Australian Government oversees the quality of education in each state.

The Queensland school system covers a total period of 13 years, commencing with Prep (age 5 years) and finishing with Year 12 (age 18 years).

Our schools may run differently to your school at home, so here are some things you may need to know:

Our school year

Our school year is divided into four terms — from late January until December.

We have a short holiday between terms and a long summer holiday in December and January.

During the holidays you can explore Australia on one of our Holiday Adventure Programs

Our school day

In Queensland you will attend school from Monday to Friday each week.

Your school hours will usually be from 9 am to 3 pm each school day, although some schools may vary. 

Attendance at school is compulsory except in special circumstances, such as illness. Schools keep records of student attendance which are reported to EQI.

Sports and extracurricular activities

Our schools provide a range of extracurricular activities where you can develop new skills, make friends and practise your English outside the classroom.

Options may include sports, art, music, theatre or special interest clubs such as chess, coding or robotics.


Schools have processes in place for continuous assessment of your academic progress through the year. Assessment tasks contribute to your final grade and may include:

  • assignments
  • written and/or practical examinations
  • oral presentations.

School uniform 

At most Queensland state schools it is compulsory for students to wear the correct school uniform every day. Your school will let you know what items you need.

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