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​​​​​The Australian Government is responsible for all visas issued to international students in Australia. Information about student visas can be found on the Australian Department of Home A​ffairs (the Department) website​.

The Department has offices located around the world to assist students with their visa applications.
Student visa holders must comply with the following mandatory requirements:

  • The education provider must be informed of the student’s address and contact details and/or any changes to this contact information within 7 days of a change occurring
  • Continuous welfare arrangements must be in place for the student. These arrangements have to be approved by the Department or the student’s education provider
  • The student must be enrolled in a registered course and engaged in full-time study for the period of their enrolment
  • Payment must be made for the required fees for the course/s in which they are enrolled
  • The student must maintain satisfactory course attendance and course progress, and comply with the school’s behaviour policy.

Parents or a nominated person (as defined by the Department) can apply for a guardian visa, for the duration of a child's study. Please refer to the Department of Ho​me Affairs for more information.

The school-aged dependants of permanent resident, business skills, provisional and temporary resident visa holders are generally able to access mainstream schooling without the need to pay tuition fees. Persons who are intending to travel to Queensland with school-aged dependants are advised to contact Education Queensland International to check whether tuition fees will be required. Contact​.au​​

All applications by non-permanent residents for entry to special education services or facilities should be discussed with the relevant school and a request for an assessment forwarded to the closest Regional Office, stating the particular circumstances and/or needs of the student.

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Last reviewed 28 March 2018
Last updated 13 July 2018