Pre-arrival information

All students enrolled in an EQI school program (Primary, High School Preparation, High School, Study Abroad Programs, International Baccalaureate or Queensland Academies Programs) will receive pre-arrival information along with their Confirmation of Enrolment.  

This information will include handy hints about:

  • what to expect when arriving in Queensland
  • what to bring to Queensland
  • useful Aussie phrases
  • living with an Aussie family
  • safety
  • and much more!

Electronic (PDF) versions are available​ to view and download below:




  • Welcome
  • About the pre-departure program
  • Study program
  • How to use this travel wallet
  • Preparing for your trip
  • Learn about Queensland
  • What to bring
  • Check list  

For more information see the Welcome page or download Welcome (PDF, 5.06 MB)


About Queensland


  • ​About Australia
  • The Australian flag
  • About Queensland
  • Climate
  • People and lifestyle
  • Religion
  • Customs
  • General good manners in Australia

For more information see the About Queensland page or download: About Queensl​​​and (PDF, 1.26MB)


Arriving in Queensland 


  • When you arrive​​
  • Airport arrival
  • Arrival at school
  • Personal safety
  • General tips to help keep you safe
  • International arrival checklist
  • Brisbane Airport map
  • Cairns Airport map
  • Coolangatta Airport (Gold Coast) map​​​

 For more information see the Arriving in Queensland page or download: Arriving in Queensland (PDF, 2.16MB)




  • Language
  • Expressing emotions​
For more information see the Communicating page or download: Communicating (PDF, 538KB)​​​

Enjoy living in Queensland


  • Leisure time
  • Weekend activities
  • Shopping
  • Beaches
  • General tips to help keep you safe at the beach​

For more information see the Enjoy living in Queensland page or download: Enjoy living in Queensland (PDF, 618KB)


Your schooling


  • Education
  • School day
  • Learning style
  • No smoking/drugs/alcohol policy in schools
  • The Preparatory Year
  • Primary education
  • Secondary education
  • Tertiary education​

For more information see the Your schooling page or download: Your Schooling (PDF, 1.19MB)​​




  • Homestay
  • Australian families are not all the same
  • Everyone helps
  • Houses
  • Bathrooms and toilets
  • Meals
  • Mealtimes
  • Talking to the family
  • Using the telephone and internet
  • Bedtime
  • Transport
  • Other
  • Pets​

For more information see the Homestay page or download: Homestay (PDF, 2.0MB)


Queensland's animals

  • Kangaroo
  • Koala
  • Emu
  • Wombat
  • Bearded Dragon​

For more information see the Queensland's animals​ page or download: Queensland's Animals (PDF, 1.09MB)


EQI pocket guide


  • I​​nternational Student Centre Contact Details
  • Safety Tips
  • Sun Safety
  • Surf Safety
  • Aussie Slang
  • Events

Download: EQI pocket guide (PDF, 1.24MB)

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