EQI study tour agent FAQs—1800 QSTUDY


How does 1800 QSTUDY apply to study tours?

1800 QSTUDY is an after-hours support service and will only apply to those tours that:

  • have program activities that occur outside of school hours and 
  • are arranged by the host school.  

This may include airport transfers, excursions and/or homestay arranged by the host school.

Who can call 1800 QSTUDY during a study tour?

Tour chaperones and homestay families can call 1800 QSTUDY (+61 1800 778 839) if the student's welfare is at risk outside of school hours. 

This number also provides support to chaperones, should they require emergency assistance while participating in after-hour activities (including homestay) arranged by the school.

Study tour students will not call 1800 QSTUDY directly and are not given this number. Students should continue to seek assistance from homestay families and chaperones after-hours, or the school coordinator during school hours.

When should I call 1800 QSTUDY?

1800 QSTUDY is the first point of contact if the student's welfare or safety is at risk and the incident has occurred outside of school hours. Chaperones may also call 1800 QSTUDY if they have concerns for their own welfare and wish to seek assistance.

1800 QSTUDY is an after-hours service and is available before 9am and after 3pm on school days, and 24 hours during weekends, public holidays and school vacations.

Who should I call first in an emergency?

If the matter is life-threatening and emergency services are required, call Triple Zero (000). 

Emergencies include, but are not limited to, situations that pose an immediate risk to health and life, severe conditions, accidents and major injuries. In emergencies, callers should always dial 'Triple Zero' or 000 for immediate assistance. Triple Zero is the emergency phone number in Australia for police, fire fighters or ambulance. This number should only be used in an emergency.

When calling, please tell the customer service officer that your call is about a critical incident and you need assistance immediately.  If emergency services are required, you will be asked to terminate the call and dial Triple Zero (000) immediately.

When it is safe to do so, you should also call 1800 QSTUDY to notify the incident.

Who can I contact regarding operational issues during a study tour?

The school coordinator can assist with program delivery and operational issues during school hours. 

We encourage tour chaperones to address and resolve operational issues during school hours, while the school coordinator is available to assist.  1800 QSTUDY should not be contacted to resolve operational issues relating to study tours.

How will I be notified of an incident involving a study tour student?

1800 QSTUDY includes incident reporting mechanisms. To ensure you are notified of an incident involving a study tour student after-hours, EQI requires emergency contact name and mobile number for:

  • agency emergency contact
  • tour chaperone/s accompanying the study tour.

This information is required by EQI prior to group's arrival.

Can 1800 QSTUDY manage homestay issues?

Yes, 1800 QSTUDY provides support to students and homestay families. If a student's welfare or safety is considered to be at risk, a support officer will provide face-to-face support and an emergency homestay placement can be arranged. 

What happens if the caller speaks little or no English?

The 1800 QSTUDY offers accredited interpreter services for most languages free of charge. Examples include Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian and Korean.

Can I still contact schools directly?

Yes, you can still contact schools directly during school hours (normally from 9.00am to 3.00pm from Monday to Friday). Please check with the host school regarding their normal operating hours.

During the times below, all relevant calls must go through the 1800 QSTUDY service:

  • Monday to Friday – before 9am and after 3pm
  • Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) – 24 hours
  • School vacations and public holidays – 24 hours.

Can I call the 1800 QSTUDY number (1800 778 839) from overseas or from a mobile phone with call roaming?

The 1800 QSTUDY number can be called from any country. To call the service from overseas you must dial +61 1800 778 839. Calls are free when calling from an Australian landline or if using a local mobile phone operator. Charges may apply if you are calling from overseas or using a roaming service in Australia.

What happens when I dial 1800 QSTUDY? Who will I speak to?

When you call 1800 QSTUDY a customer support officer will assist you with your call and assess the most appropriate response:

  • Support for non-critical incidents, such as general questions about study or living in Queensland, will be provided by the customer support officer.
  • Non-critical enquiries about program or study issues will be referred to the school for a response during school hours.
  • Any incident with an impact on a student's wellbeing will be managed immediately. Examples include students who are missing, issues with missed travel arrangements, homestay issues, and potentially serious personal issues.
  • Incidents may be referred to a Department of Education support officer to provide face-to-face assistance at the student's location, or that of the incident.
  • Callers reporting an emergency will be asked to hang up and call 'Triple Zero' or 000 immediately. Emergencies include, but are not limited to, situations that pose an immediate risk to health and life, severe conditions, accidents and major injuries.

What information will I be asked for when I call 1800 QSTUDY?

When you call the service, you will be asked for your name and the reason for your call. In the case of emergencies and critical incidents, this should be stated immediately to enable the customer support officer to prioritise your call.

For study tours, you will also be required to clearly state the host school name and tour group name.

What measures are in place to protect callers' privacy?

We understand and appreciate the importance of information security and protecting individual privacy. We collect personal information about students when they apply to enrol and throughout their enrolment, including information we obtain in the performance of our agreement with them. We need some of this information to comply with our obligations under Australian laws, such as the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 and National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018.

We may record, use and disclose the personal information provided to us in connection with this agreement and our international student programs so that we can administer our agreement and the student's enrolment, provide the course to them, discharge our duty of care and comply with Australian laws.

We may record, use and disclose personal information for the purposes of registering students with the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority and opening a student account.

If students are living with a homestay provider, we will record, use and disclose their personal information for the purpose of approving and monitoring their accommodation, support and general welfare for the duration of the homestay arrangement. There will be an ongoing exchange of the student's personal information between the homestay provider and us, including through secure online services such as Q Parents.

If students have nominated an education agent on their application for enrolment, we may disclose their personal information to their agent, throughout enrolment, unless they notify us in writing not to do so.

We may disclose a student's personal information to Commonwealth Government agencies including agencies responsible for administering migration or education services, OSHC providers (if we are arranging OSHC for them), Queensland state schools and homestay providers. We may also disclose a student's personal information where authorised or required by law.

Will calls to 1800 QSTUDY be recorded?

Calls are recorded for quality assurance. You can ask for this feature to be disabled at any point during your call.

What do I need to tell my clients about 1800 QSTUDY?

It is essential that you inform your tour chaperones about the 1800 QSTUDY service, prior to the commencement of the study tour.  The 1800 QSTUDY after-hours emergency card will be distributed to your agency electronically, and we ask that you forward this card to the tour chaperone prior to arrival. This card includes the 1800 QSTUDY contact details and can be printed or used electronically as preferred.

Schools will also brief tour chaperones at the commencement of the study tour, as part of the initial orientation/meeting at the school. 

How can I find out more about 1800 QSTUDY for study tours?

You can find out more about 1800 QSTUDY for study tours by phone or email:

Phone: 07 3513 5708

Last updated 29 April 2021