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Consultants contribute directly to international development through the use of their expertise and skills. They are highly dedicated and motivated people who gain satisfaction from participating as a team member to achieve the long-term goals and objectives of specific commercial or economic development projects being implemented internationally.
Through their participation on a project, consultants gain the opportunity to develop personal skills such as adaptability, cross-cultural negotiation, self-management and leadership.


Education Queensland International (EQI) engages with international clients to provide curriculum and related services, and to recommend suitably qualified and experienced teachers for employment. Teachers are then employed directly by international clients.
OPU has successfully assisted our international clients with teacher recruitment since 1995.
Employment opportunities arise throughout the year. However, the majority of positions are for the commencement of the Northern Hemisphere academic year which occurs between August and November and runs through to late July/early September. Most teachers are initially contracted by clients..
For more information email Offshore Projects Unit (OPU):

How to apply

Interested in travelling to another country to teach and develop skills such as adaptability, cross-cultural negotiations, self-management and leadership?

If so, teachers and consultants should register their interest by submitting the DEi Working Offshore Expressions of Interest form (DOC,451KB)​​​ and their CV via email to: 
Your information is placed on the OPU recruitment database and you will receive information about our projects and working opportunities as they become available.

Contact Offshore Projects Unit (OPU):

Phone: +617 3513 5735

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