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​​​​ High School Preparation program quality assurance

Education Queensland International's High School Preparation schools are endorsed by the National English Language Teaching Accreditation Scheme (NEAS). NEAS is a quality assurance organisation that endorses English language training (ELT) centres in private and public universities, vocational colleges, schools and privately owned language teaching centres. 

The NEAS Quality Assurance Framework has been developed through extensive consultation with the ELT profession in Australia and overseas, as well as government and industry bodies. All NEAS endorsed ELT centres meet industry approved quality standards and are regularly checked and assessed to ensure these standards are maintained.

NEAS standards include:

• Limited class sizes

• Professionally qualified academic management

• Professionally qualified English teachers

• Approved curriculum

• Monitored accommodation service

• Special supervision arrangements for students under 18 years of age

• A student orientation program on arrival

• Educational and welfare counselling

• Educational resources to assist in class learning or private study.

Find out more about the NEAS Quality Assurance framework.  

Learning outside the classroom

Each term, HSP students at Whites Hill State College go on an excursion linked to the curriculum. In 2016, students explored the beaches around Brisbane, had the opportunity to meet, feed (and even cuddle) native Australian animals, enjoyed spectacular views of Brisbane and studied the night sky at the Brisbane Planetarium.  

The last excursion of the year took place in Queensland’s Parliament House and impressive city botanic gardens, followed by a visit to the futuristic ‘Cube’ at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). 

These excursions are enjoyed by students and teachers and are a wonderful way to learn English beyond the classroom through unique experiences. We hope these excursions open students’ minds to all the wonderful places to go, and things to see, in and around Brisbane. 

Find out more about Whites Hill State College.

HSP: first impressions count at Indooroopilly State High School

Preparing for mainstream classes is a big step so it’s great to hear what HSP students think of their program at Indooroopilly State High School. 

“In this course, we were separated into different level classes and studied the language. It is quite easy as teachers spoke English at a slow speed and were very friendly. They helped us to adapt to an Australian school and improve English. I went to Year 9 after two months. – Ella (Year 9)

At first I was in HSP then I went into mainstream classes. Mainstream is wonderful. My classmates are friendly and teachers are kind. I made lots of friends with my classmates. The teachers always help me. We have sports twice a week and it really helps me a lot. I like my class it’s just like my home. – Leo (Year 7)

In HSP all I needed to do was improve and practise my English. The teachers were really patient; the study in HSP did not have much pressure. However, when I got in mainstream, the stress of study came to me quickly - homework and exams were quite difficult to me but there are many good counsellors helping with your study. This made my mainstream study much easier. – Gary (Year 9)

Learn more about Indooroopilly State High School.


Study support at Mitchelton State High School

Mitchelton State High School, or ‘Mitchie’ as it is affectionately known, has exceptional staff and a highly supportive learning environment. Many of the school's HSP students attend one or two study support sessions as an opportunity to develop their English skills and ask questions about homework and assignments. 

HSP student Camilla from China began the program in Term 3, 2016. She was delighted with the support she received at Mitchelton and is now ready to join Year 10 mainstream studies at Kelvin Grove State College next term. 

“I really like the help. I think I am learning much more because I can ask questions and play games. The teachers are there to help. It’s wonderful,” she said.  

Andrea Pugh, Director of HSP Studies at Mitchelton, says it is important for students to apply their learning in and outside of the classroom. 

“English as a Second Language students need to make connections with vocabulary in authentic situations and make the most of every opportunity to use English and take control of their own learning,” Ms Pugh says. 

“Mitchie’s exceptional staff spend their time helping HSP students during after school hours and provide a variety of activities and exercises to help them improve their language skills.”

Find out more about Mitchelton State High School.

HSP science at Whites Hill State College

HSP students at Whites Hill State College are honing their English scientific vocabulary in their science, meteorology and physics classes. So far, they have examined a bisected bone (skeletal system) and dissected a heart (circulatory system) to reinforce anatomy words and expressions. 

In meteorology, HSP students have the opportunity to make weather instruments such as thermometers, barometers, weather vanes, anemometers and wind socks. They then had to explain the construction process and how the instruments worked.

Physics became even more interesting when students were assessed on the construction and presentation of a moving child's toy at the HSP Toy Fair. By explaining Newton's Laws of Motion, they showed a class of Year 5 students why the toys moved the way they did.  A good time was had by all.

Find out more about Whites Hill State College

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