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​Welcome from Jack

Who would have thought six months on that the world would have changed to such an extent that well known fashion designers would produce our daywear with matching face masks!??! Adversity often brings opportunity!

With this in mind I have been constantly reminded of the positivity shown by our people and by our students. If anything, we have noticed that the modern student of today is resilient and much more adaptable to the changing environment – the instability of change seems to motivate them. Very different to my student days!

We take great comfort in the fact that Queensland continues to manage this pandemic exceptionally well and with minimal impact on life as we know it. You can never plan 100% for the unknown, but you can always do your best and our hope is that once borders around the world open and travel is once again available and it will be, that you can join us in preparing students for their return to or start their education journey here in Queensland. One last thing, we are planning to showcase all our EQI accredited schools through our social media platforms, ie Facebook and or Instagram. Hopefully this will serve to re inform you as to the many great schools, diverse programs and activities that happen across our network.

The skipping rope photo above at the beginning of this newsletter is from Earnshaw State College. It shows one of the many activities international students could participate in our EQI schools, further I thought it appropriate that during these serious times the many smiling faces keep us all grounded.

Take care and stay safe.

Jack Stathis
Director, Education Queensland International



Virtual high school preparation — update

Thank you to all our agents who embraced the changes and took on the virtual high school preparation (vHSP). The Virtual High School Preparation students are almost through their first term or the program. We have already received positive feedback from the students with 96.4% of students saying they would recommend vHSP to others and 100% of students indicating their English is improving. The course has also been a great way for students to make friends, with 85% of students contacting each other outside of class time. The students are also really enjoying their interactions with their teachers, who have done a remarkable job bringing the course together: 'I think all the teachers here are very patient. They always encourage us to try the new things. I feel warm and happy here.' (vHSP Student, Year 10, China).


EQIs commitment continues

The EQI Recruitment Team remain connected and supportive to our international agents while maintaining a ‘soft sell’ approach of Queensland as an education destination.

Well and truly practised within the new virtual world, our regional managers continue their unique online agent training with product updates as well as marketing and promoting student recruitment. 

The first series of agent training webinars included six modules which began in March 2020 and were completed in September 2020 with 467 agent staff attending from more than 160 agencies in various global locations. The second series of agent training webinars will be launched this month and offer more in depth and detailed sessions.

The team are thrilled to have engaged in 107 significant online recruitment and promotional events via a variety of social media and virtual platforms including real time webinars with international students and parents.

If you have any questions or would like to know when the next webinar is please contact the EQI Recruitment Team on their new email address


New coast to coast promotion

EQI has some exciting news and an opportunity for both the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast regions to be highlighted in a new video campaign. It has been a top priority and a commitment for EQI to continue delivering Queensland information to our prospective international students and parents, especially over the last six months.

The new destination campaign provides us with an opportunity to source and film students for fun, informative and inspitrational stories. We anticipate that this series of promotional campaigns will complement the work we continue to develop that promotes Queensland Government schools as preferred study destinations.

The search for charismatic and enthusiastic students that would be ideal ambassadors have been completed and filming is underway.  We hope you will be able to share their inspiring story to prospective students, who are considering overseas study.

Watch this space. The campaign and video launch is scheduled late October / early November.


Merrimac State High School on film

At EQI we continue to update and expand our social media assets with ongoing film shoots and most recently we were at Merrimac State High School. With the assistance of Tammie Moss, International Student and Homestay Coordinator, three international students were interviewed and their answers were most impressive.  It was a standing ovation for chocolate Tim Tams as the biscuit of choice and included an amazing Australian discovery. The students were overwhelmingly happy with their Queensland education journey and in particular the way it had positively impacted on who they were as adults.

Feeling safe in a friendly society in which students can learn and have an unforgettable time was a priority for her. The cultural exchange, the chance to try different food and having an awesome Host Family have really made the experience very special.

Karen from Brazil is in Year 11 and can’t believe how dynamic and vibrant Queensland is with energetic, friendly people.

Janice from the Netherlands is also in Year 11 and having studied Year 8 and 9 at Merrimac has returned for Year 11 and 12. After holidaying in Queensland years before, the family enjoyed the lifestyle and decided to move.

Yang from China is in Year 12 and was selected as a Mayor’s Student Ambassador of the Gold Coast - a program is facilitated by Study Gold Coast. The program is a great honour and Yang is very proud to have been chosen. The school atmosphere that is filled with laughter, questions and ideas, is providing Yang with a positive outlook on his Queensland journey.

The three individual testimonial stories will be written as well as well as the footage edited for future promotions.


Kon'nichiwa from Kawana Waters State College

As part of the school’s curriculum, once a semester students from Years 7 to 12 have the opportunity to try traditional Japanese food.

Last semester the Japanese classes enjoyed the delicious ‘okonomiyaki’, a savoury pancake pan-fried and traditionally topped with otafuku okonomiyaki sauce which is a thick Worcestershire style sauce but thicker and sweeter, aonori (seaweed flakes), katsuobushi (bonito flakes), Japanese mayonnaise, and pickled ginger (beni shōga).

Combining Japanese food with language classes is a unique opportunity for students with many gaining confidence to order new dishes at a Japanese Restaurant or even better, cook them at home with their family.

Kawana Waters State College also has an online pilot project with their Japanese sister-school Karyo High School, who were unable to make their study tour to Australia this year. Their first virtual meeting included students and teachers in Japan introducing a variety of pop-culture and Japanese food from their local area. As the project moves forward the school looks forward to continued and meaningful interactions for the Kawana Waters SC students.


Sunny from South Korea and an EQI alumna

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) recently worked collaboratively with EQI in developing their campaign highlighting Australia’s trade, investment, agriculture, education and environmental sectors.

For DFAT’s Republic of Korea campaign, they wanted to highlight why Australia continues to be a strong education option for young people. So, meet the inspiring Sunny — an EQI alumni.

Sunny studied at Kenmore State High School then graduated from a Bachelor of Medical Imaging at QUT and is now successfully working as a Diagnostic Radiographer at the Mater Brisbane Public Hospital.

Screens becoming marketing opportunities with social media

Social media campaigns expand EQI’s reach

EQI continues to develop and promote a variety of informative campaigns to promote regional destinations in addition to showcasing new schools via Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and WeChat.

Collaborative work remains a priority to support both the Recruitment and the Study Tour Teams with their campaigns, social media promotion and production of broadcasts to continue stakeholder engagement.

Agent broadcast


Watch broadcast #2.

The second agent broadcast featured Simone Fuller, Director ISP as guest speaker.  She talks about the health and safety of our international students being a priority. She also highlights the range of support services available to meet the needs of international students.

Nan from China:

Danica from Vietnam:

Ormeau Woods SHS:

Ramon from Germany:

Shared social media


Activity across Facebook in March 2020:

  • 229 page visits
  • 1,643 link clicks
  • 33,200 post reach
  • 110 original posts
  • 45 shared posts

Activity across Instagram in March 2020:

  • 13 page views
  • 82 link clicks
  • 52,256 post reach
  • 90 original posts
  • 18 stories


Top countries:

  1. Australia
  2. Mexico
  3. Brazil
  4. Argentina
  5. Peru
  6. Malaysia
  7. Italy
  8. Vietnam
  9. El Salvador
  10. Colombia

In March 2020 social media referrals counted for 7.5% of website sessions.


  • 49.8% male users
  • 50.2% female users

Campaigns run this month:

  • March monthly engagement
  • Mexico internationa bacalaureate

Sample of EQIs high performing posts on Facebook and Instagram.  

Facebook high performing posts:

  • Ormeau WoodsSHS video
  • Mexico IB ad

Instagram high performing posts:

  • Start the journey
  • Clara top 3 video

EQI’s Facebook account has actively showcased student stories, alumni testimonials, school staff interviews and shared content from schools. The summary of activities are found below. View various posts.


2020–2021 school profile handbook update

We’re almost there! The Marketing Unit is busily adding the final pages and design of the new and updated version of the 2020/21 EQI School Profile Handbook. There are 99 officially accredited schools in the next edition, highlighting their profiles and unique content to best assist you in selling EQI schools and programs.

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