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2020 — it’s a wrap!

I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your steadfast commitment to Queensland and to all of us here at EQI. We can all look forward to 2021 and I very much hope to be seeing you all soon in person.

Kind regards
Jack Stathis


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It is always a pleasure to experience our international students through their own words and videos. Please enjoy a few of our international students who continue to amaze and surprise.

Janice from Netherlands

Hi, I’m Janice from Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

After a few holidays to Australia my family decided to move to the Gold Coast and live the life of beautiful beaches, blue skies and BBQs.

Who would have thought I’d have a boat license, see kangaroos in my backyard garden and experience jet skiing?

Yang from China

Hi, I’m Yang from Beijing, China and I am so fortunate to be studying every day on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland at Merrimac State High School.

Since arriving I have become more motivated, independent and extra curious about the world we live in. It’s fair to say that Australia has become my second home.

Jiwon from South Korea

Hello, I am Jiwon from South Korea. While EQI primary schools have provided quite a few outstanding student results, nothing has been more amazing and motivating than the skipping rope expertise of Jiwon and Jay from Whites Hill State College.

Jiwon and Jay were part of the International Student Program at Whites Hill State College and became skipping champions and this is their story.

Jiwon and Jay arrived in Australia in 2018 without any English (as many of our international students do) but they persevered and both quickly became valued role models amongst their cohort.

The two students were introduced to the sport of rope skipping by their class teacher last year and have since become masters.

In the short space of 12 months, the boys are now performing skills that some of the world’s most successful athletes in the sport find hard to perform. Additionally, they are achieving speed scores that would place them in the top for their age in Australia.

Jay and Jiwon are the future of rope skipping in Australia and are already gaining worldwide attention from the world’s best. By many accounts, the boys are now gaining world recognition and have in some areas overtaken some current world record holders in ability.

Jay from China

Hi, I am Jay from China. I used to be shy but since studying here in Queensland I am so much more positive and confident within myself.

I am so thankful for everyone at the Whites Hills State College who has helped me transition from arriving from Guangzhou which is the capital of the Guangdong province in China. I arrived in Year 4 and now in Year 6.

I am really so enjoying sport, especially the rope skipping journey I have been on. Music is another passion and learning to play the drums is a wonderful pastime.

I cannot explain just how kind the people are here in Queensland as well as how much I am learning about the different culture and how it is such a very peaceful place to live. Of course making many new friends has been a highlight.

Some of the most enjoyable experiences have been the School Skipping Championship last year where I won a few medals with my classmates and we were absolutely thrilled. I also really enjoyed the Year 5 camp where I first learnt to surf and kayak. Stradbroke Island, Airlie beach and the Whitsunday Islands were beautiful and while I was snorkelling I got to see the beautiful reef up close.

My favourite food here in Queensland is the amazing seafood — the crab is so deliciously fresh and the ice cream flavours are amazing as are melting moment biscuits.

I have learnt many lessons so far in Queensland, in particular learning about respecting other people, that persistence makes things possible and how important loyalty is. I have really enjoyed my journey and so looking forward to it continuing.

Karen from Brazil

My name is Karen and I am from Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. I hope you choose Queensland for your study journey — it’s a unique kind of education and learning style that encourages innovation, being creative and to think independently.

Did I mention the chocolate biscuits which is a whole other reason to come to Australia!

My name is Karen I am 17 years old and I am from Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. I am studying at Merrimac State High School in Year 11.

Queensland is such a dynamic, vibrant place with energetic, friendly people. It has a safe and friendly culture in which students can learn while having an unforgettable time.

Queensland offers an educational experience that makes a real difference. It provides a unique kind of education and a learning style that encourages you to be innovative, creative and think independently. Did I mention the perfect weather?

To be honest when I thought of doing an exchange overseas, the only country that came to mind was Australia.

The experience has really helped me become more mature as a person.

I am a different person, a better person. I learned to deal with life's challenges and expanded my view of the world and collaborated for my future, as I improved my studies and learned the processes of a culture different from mine.

Life is a continuous learning experience. Throughout our lives we continue to pick up important lessons along the way. Some of the lessons I learnt during my Queensland experience was to never give up, make every moment count and it’s OK to move outside of your comfort zone. Travel is the best education you’ll get and yes, you can combine fun and hard work.

This year was not just about learning English, it was much more than that.
I had the opportunity to meet incredible people from different nationalities and experience and appreciate the beautiful environment. I loved feeling safe, being part of a cultural exchange, the chance to try different food, the chance to live with an awesome host family and all the memories I have with my friends.

My host family was the best — me, Cheryl and the two dogs. I was just so lucky. She was so kind and funny and treated me as a family member. I loved spending hours talking with her and laughing every day.

Australia has it all and more — it really is a country to be impressed by. The lifestyle, the beaches, the people, the food, the climate, organisation and respect for public spaces, freedom everything was just wonderful.


EQIs commitment continues

The EQI Recruitment Team remain connected and supportive to our international partner agents while maintaining a ‘soft sell’ approach of Queensland as an education destination.

Well and truly practised within the new virtual world, our regional managers continue their unique online agent training with product updates as well as marketing and promoting student recruitment.

The first series of agent training webinars included six modules which began in March 2020 and completed in September 2020 with 467 agent staff attending from more than 160 agencies in various global locations. The second series of webinars launched in September 2020 and offered more in depth and detailed sessions.

The team are thrilled to have engaged in 107 significant online agent recruitment and promotional events via a variety of social media and virtual platforms including real time webinars with international students and parents.

We look forward to continue working with and supporting our partner agents via these initiatives and activities in the New Year.

Social media update

The year started extremely strong with an overwhelming response from a variety of campaigns targeting new markets.

The promotion of our High School Preparation program featuring Fatemah from Iran, is one of our most successful posts ever reaching more than 500,000 people in the Middle East countries.

During COVID-19 we continued to show the world everything Queensland has to offer for when students are able to return to study in Australia.

As a result another of our higher performing posts was a video of our gorgeous Sunshine Coast region which reached a staggering 676,224 people.

As we edge closer to reconnecting with the world, we have started promoting each of our accredited 97 schools through their shared school-specific content with resounding success reaching more than 160,000 people already.

To sum the year up we have reached of 3.7 million people through our social media efforts.

With 34 original videos, 32 ‘other’ original posts and more than 50 shared posts we have generated over 250,000 clicks through to the EQI website.

The summary of activities are found below. View the posts on Facebook.

School profile handbook

We are so close — the publication is at final proofreading stage and then the new and updated handbook will be sent electronically with printed versions distributed early 2021.

2021 school calendar

A beneficial planning resource now available to download, it highlights the 2021 school terms and holidays, public holidays and teacher/student-free days.

View the calendar.

New International Baccalaureate brochure

The newly updated Queensland Government schools International Baccalaureate brochure is now available on our website.

View the International Baccalaureate brochure.

To find out more about EQI schools, please contact your EQI Regional Manager by using the buttons below to eithere email or EQI website.

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