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As the global response to the COVID-19 virus continues to grow, the situation with respect to international travel is anything but normal.

The landscape is very changeable with new restrictions being introduced daily.

In some cases, these take the shape of mandatory quarantine periods for travellers. In others, national borders are completely closed to foreign visitors or non-essential travel.

As we adjust to the new normal of 2020 there is one thing that continues and that is our commitment to you, our agents.

As part of our ongoing strategy to maintain communication, I would like to introduce Series #1: Agent Broadcast featuring all things EQI.

Thank you

Jack Stathis
Director, EQI — International Business
Education Queensland International

Interactive broadcasts

Broadcasting strategies are now in place during this time with EQIs Recruitment team implementing a stronger online and digital focus to compliment their traditional promotional activities.

The first of many regular pre-recorded online information videos has been produced to update our EQI international agents.

Our first live webinar training session to agents has been presented and we look forward to providing further opportunities for meaningful discussion with you.

There will be a variety of extra promotional activities including weekend community events and additional posts and uploads of our information via various social media platforms.

Water safety

Water skills assessment

Spending time at the pool or beach is part of our Australian lifestyle that you can enjoy while here in Queensland. Swimming and playing in or near the water is fun but you must always be cautious and aware of your own safety.

Education Queensland International (EQI) cares about your wellbeing and has partnered with Surf Life Saving Queensland (SLSQ) to assess how comfortable you are around water before you dive into a swimming pool or visit the beach.

The water skills assessment is to give you the opportunity to show us your basic water skills in a swimming pool. You will need to demonstrate how well you can float, tread water as well as swimming safely to the edge of the pool using any swimming stroke.

EQI has also engaged SLSQ to deliver a practical Beach Safe activity that combines dry and water based activities. This activity is fun and interactive and is a great way to learn important information about sun, surf and beach safety, whilst also increasing your skills and confidence in the water and on the beach.

EQI considers your safety our top priority and as outlined in the Standard terms and conditions, water activities are a high-risk so you must successfully complete the water skills assessment before you can take part in any water related activities while living in homestay here in Queensland (this is outlined in the Non-routine travel and activities for homestay students – Subclass 500 [schools] visa procedure).

You will of course, need permission from your parents to take part in the water skills assessment.

2020 EQI water skills assessment and beach awareness upcoming events

In collaboration with Queensland Surf Life Saving, Education Queensland International is facilitating water skills assessment and beach awareness sessions throughout 2020.

Next scheduled events:

No water skills assessment dates are available at the moment.

Students must come to any event with:

  • water-resistant sunscreen applied before commencement of activities
  • hat
  • water bottle
  • sun safe and beach appropriate clothing that allows student to get wet.

Terms and conditions:

  • An individually signed non-routine travel form must be provided to Education Queensland International (
  • Individual student registration through the EQI Ivvy Campaign
  • Supervision provided by proficient lifesavers including a supervisor
  • The EQI Water Assessment & Beach Awareness training program is free of charge
  • The cost of the program is covered by our partner Allianz Global Assistance
  • Only students who demonstrate their abilities in all evaluated items are eligible to participate water activities.

For more information please contact EQI: or the relevant school where the student is enrolled.

Read more about water safety.

Hello, I am Frederico from Italy

In 2016, I had the privilege of studying for a term in year 12 at Trinity Bay State High School in Cairns and it is something I would encourage everyone to do.

I’m now 21 years old and studying Aerospace Engineering in Italy.

Ever since I was little, I dreamt about one day discovering Queensland’s nature and wildlife. I just wanted to go and see it with my own eyes as there really wasn’t another place like it on earth offering such biodiversity and natural richness.

Trinity Bay State High School caught my eye with its diverse subjects and projects that were unique to the region and offered the opportunities to maximise the experience. I was so right with my choice.

Life was enjoyable with caring teachers and many opportunities to connect with other international students. During school breaks, we often played football, chatted about life in Australia and ate pizza in the school cafeteria and most importantly, we always had fun!

I participated in a few of the organised trips that were amazing experiences and everything I had imagined. From the beautiful locations of the rainforest and Orpheus Island on the Great Barrier Reef to awesome activities that included rafting and scuba diving.

I chose subjects that really played a major role in contributing to my overall journey.

One in particular was Recreational Studies: Outdoor, which not only provided the opportunity to organize an amazing trip to the Daintree Rainforest that I will remember forever but the teacher was awesome.

During PE classes, I was able to connect and form friendships with Aussie students and I had a lot of fun playing sports I didn’t even know about a few months earlier.

I will remember forever, the time spent with my homestay family and the amazing camping trip to the Outback. Building a bonfire and sleeping in a tent under the beautiful stars was just magic.

They are great musicians so a few times we jammed together and there was so much laughter and fun. I still have the videos we recorded of those moments and like to watch them for the fond memories.

I think international students should choose Queensland because of the beaches and incredible nature. From the tropical forest to the Outback desert and the Great Barrier Reef. The biodiversity is unique and rare.

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